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  • “The purses are especially fabulous, most around 50-150 euros.” in 5 reviews

  • “Anyway, moving into the present day Arnotts is still booming with everyting from fashion to homewear to sports gear to makeup.” in 2 reviews

  • “There's a huge selection of everything, clothes, home wares, sports equipment, etc.” in 2 reviews

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins here

    I love Arnotts. Not sure what it is about the store, maybe it's the Dub in me coming out since they have been such a long standing establishment,maybe it's the inner north sider coming out in me in my refusal to cross the Liffey unless it's necessary (with a few exceptions of course). But I love this shop. I find myself getting lost in here on occasion & they have almost everything you could need from makeup to clothing to jewellery to household appliences.

    It's always such a busy store, but at the same time it's fascinating to people watch from one of their little eateries. Definitely worth a look in if you're passing!

  • 4.0 star rating

    The earliest memory you have is waking up in bed. You must have been napping, as you remember it being mid-afternoon. It's a Saturday for sure. You get up excitedly and go to look at television. Cartoons are on.

    The rest of your life is a blur.

    It's the first day of school; You've got four unmarked, colourful notebooks. Two pencils. One pencil topper. It was shaped like a troll.

    You remember how you joined the football league. How you lied to your parents about having to change team, just so they would buy you a new jersey. Some years later, you took up some other sport - it could have been golf - and got bored of it within a week.

    There's your student apartment - when you first moved out of your parent's house. Eating a whole lot of noodles. Subsistence on coffee. Buying that mini-fridge which would, in time, house all those bottles of beers.

    Your first suit for that job interview in someplace-or-other, which you never did get. Your first actual job, where you just wore whatever ragged Tommy Hilfiger jeans you had.

    Then, of course, there's kitting out your first real house; The kitchen gadgets were the best. Shifting through a forest of nouveau-modern chrome and plastic for that one item that will make your life complete. Unable to find The One, you remember settling for a nice potato peeler.

    You find yourself standing in front of a sign. It proclaims "The greatest journey begins with a single step. Ecco." You think about that for a moment and exit onto Liffey street.

  • 5.0 star rating
    2/5/2010 Updated review
    1 check-in here

    If you want to give the girls some sensible treatment, then bring em here.

    Everyone of my mates were brought here by their Mam for their first bra-fitting. Oh the terror of it all, looking back. Being measured by a woman who's gals had emigrated south to her waist a long time ago.

    I was so flustered that I remember that I put the blasted bra on backwards,
    'Eh love, it's inside out.'
    'Oh Jesus.'
    'Ah bless, it's alright love, I won't tell anyone.'
    'Oh sweet Jesus.'

    Not the best introduction to all things boobage and bra like to happen to a young wan.

    So moving swiftly on to the present. I think every gal/transsexual should get a proper fitting every once and awhile, think of your back and the longevity of your perk.

    Yeah going here is a bit like visiting your granny, but they know how to work that tape. And then when you know your digits you can get the lacy and racy numbers in the too cool for school lingerie stores.

    4.0 star rating
    21/7/2009 Previous review
    Arnotts is synonymous with sponsoring the Dublin county team, mainly because it is one of Dublin's… Read more
  • 1.0 star rating

    The customer service here stinks like the Liffey.  The girls in the kitchen department are always too busy chatting away amongst themselves to bother wish customers.  I stood at the register for 5 minutes one day and was completely ignored by the employees standing behind the counter.

    The sale prices here are a joke.  Why should I pay 100 euro for a stupid jumper made in China?  They try to pass off Chinese crap by giving it high-end brand names, but they're not fooling anyone.

    Everything in this store you can find elsewhere in Dublin:
    A) for less
    B) at a smaller shop
    C) with more individualised attention

    Arnotts?  I think notts.

  • 2.0 star rating
    30/6/2010 Updated review

    I hardly ever shop in Arnotts Department Store, because it's so bloody confusing. I've just about established where the shoes and make up are and that's about it. I don't seem to have this problem in any other department store (and it doesn't help that their information desk is effectively hidden!)

    Last night I went into to Arnotts to see if there were any wraps in the sale (for us bridesmaids). it was about 6.45 and the store was due to close at 7, but I figured it was enough time to pick up a bargain if there was one to be had. It seemed logical to me that wraps would be in accessories, so I found shoes and bags, but couldn't see wraps so I asked, I was sent somewhere else. Not seeing any wraps again, I asked again. I was sent to another part of the store. On my third sent of wanderings and not seeing any wraps I asked again and got a quite snotty reply from a sales assistant, that the store was closed and I couldn't shop anymore but I if I wanted to come back another day wraps were obviously downstairs in accessories. I couldn't help but retort "oh right, accessories where I first asked where wraps were 15 minutes ago and was sent up here".

    By the way I walked out of the store through accessories to check again, and I still couldn't see any. I have no idea where Arnotts keep their wraps, or indeed if they even sell any (it's all under wraps - I'm sorry I couldn't help myself!!

    Case in point as to why I rarely venture there!

    4.0 star rating
    31/8/2009 Previous review
    (review of the project store not the main Arnotts) This new store really puts Arnotts back on trend.… Read more
  • 4.0 star rating

    Great perfume selection.
    Nice stationery.
    Cookery utensils including enough Le Creuset in every colour of the rainbow.
    Chef's knives.

    I'm not crazy about the clothing to be honest. It seems it's all for Ladies Who Lunch because all the selection is party dresses and overly fancy pieces.

  • 2.0 star rating

    (Update: this review was for The Arnotts Project in the Jervis Centre, now closed. The page seems to have been merged with the Arnotts page)

    All the rails and fittings here seem to be twice as spaced out as any other shop and got a really cold, cheap, and sterile feel to it.

    I can only speak for the Men's department, but while the prices on some items are cheaper than BT2, a lot of it is in the main Arnotts shop, sometimes at different prices. There was a huge difference in the discount on some identical items in the January sales, one jacket I bought was 20% off here, and 60% off the in main shop.

    I'm fairly sure this was just a temporary shop, and the plan was to move most of Arnotts in here when their big 'Northern Quarter' building work starts, but who knows if that'll happen now - apparently it's changing into a New Look soon.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Looking for great Christmas stuff from cards to crackers and everything in between (even pink glittery Mary's and Josephs!) you will find anything you need here.

    It's a great department store anyway, but it looks like they have upped the ante with their stationary supplies for Christmas.  My favourite was the reindeer napkins - super cute!

  • 4.0 star rating
    22/7/2009 Updated review

    This is my favourite new store at the moment...it's just so cool!

    It's basically been set up to steal some of BT2's customers, which frankly, I think is great. It's about time they had some competition!!!

    They stock ladies and menswear - mostly for the 18-35 groups and they have labels like Lipsy, Junk Food, Fornarina, Miss Sixty, Converse, Energie and Amlified. I love the clothes - they're young, funky and very trendy.

    You can have your nails pampered, get some personal shopping help, have your lingerie fitted correctly and they even have an alterations service. They've thought of everything!

    3.0 star rating
    22/7/2009 Previous review
    Arnotts has been around since long before you and I were born. It was actually first established in… Read more
  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    This review is for the homeware section in particular where you pay for the kitchen utensils...

    The utensils are nice. Ok price with the sale on. The treatment/service is shocking. They left me standing waiting to pay for ages. Then gave me a condescending role of the eyes when I didn't realize they were ready for me. I am sorry but if I am left there for ages I am going to drift off.

    Next I had two Frying pans picked out and I was asked where I got them sharpishly. Next I was told I couldn't pay for them here because they were bargain basement items. As I left I was told to 'brings them with ya' to the basement. I did but was shown back by staff in the basement to the place where I was and clearly pointed out they were to be purchased where I was originally.

    Everyone else look lovely, it is a shame how one can ruin it for everyone else. Very disappointed and now off to buy pans elsewhere!!

  • 3.0 star rating
    5 check-ins here

    Arnotts bills itself as Dublin's Top shopping experience. They have fashion, accessories, beauty, home wares, Hi Fi and sportsware departments and a really good customer service reputation.

    I have to say though, I never go into Arnotts until Christmas time, as for an everyday department store I find it limited and much prefer to use Jerivs Centre around the corner!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Arnotts, how I love you!

    Last week a friend and I spent a good hour and a half wandering around the store, checking out all the fantastic displays (there are some really impressive ones) and lusting after kitsch accessories and cool items of clothing.

    We made a real event of it - trying on all the zany glasses and taking photos of us striking idiotic poses for my mate to send back home to her sweetheart (ah how cute!)

    Naturally the sales assistants LOVED having us in store, but to their credit, they were really really polite and helpful, and didn't even kick us out even though the store was closing (oops, sorry guys, we had no idea!)

    My friend and I were very impressed with the wide range of cool that we managed to find in store. We bought matching colourful belts with buttons on them that look like the pins from the 80s 'Mastermind' board game (does anyone remember that?) and my friend actually bought a pair of the crazy sunnies because, crazy or not, they suited her.

    So my advice is to head to Arnotts with a friend or two and enjoy a bit of nutso browsing. This is one of those places that is much more fun when you're shopping with other people.

    A word of warning to the skint: DON'T even THINK about going in. If you do, you will surely find something that you really really want to buy and you know you can't afford it. Wait until your next pay cheque and make a day of it!

  • 2.0 star rating
    12/9/2009 Updated review

    I'm often taken aback at what certain high street clothes shops consider a realistic price to sell their clothes at. Arnotts Project really tops the list for me in terms of unreasonable pricing. Fair enough your t-shirt is designed by 'insert designer/celebrity/socialite here', but that doesn't justify selling fifty quid for a bit of cotton.

    The shop is big and open plan, which may give the place a nice atmosphere to stroll around in, but makes finding stuff a nightmare. I had to ask twice where the changing rooms were before I found them...behind the tills.

    They have some really cool home wear stuff on the upper floor, but again, unless you have a few hundred euro burning a hole in your pocket, you can't really justify buying any of it.

    Apparently they have a good sale section but it must be minscule, as I've never seen it it any of the times I was there.

    4.0 star rating
    12/8/2009 Previous review
    Up until recently I had no idea why a little bit of Arnott's was entwined into the soul of every… Read more
  • 4.0 star rating

    A huge maze of a place, there are semi floors (floors that aren't mentioned on the signs, floors 2.5 & 3.5 if you will). There's a huge selection of everything, clothes, home wares, sports equipment, etc. I went to buy a cafetiere and I wasn't disappointed with the selection or prices. The one I bought was reduced from €45 to €17 which was a steal. The staff member I asked for help was direct and courteous too.

  • 3.0 star rating

    The new Arnotts in the Jervis Centre has been putting on live gigs in the basement of the store for the whole month of August. This new initiative is part of their project Festival Fever 09.

    I saw this band called Soundproof play today and they were quite entertaining. They did some covers, the most notable being Your Sex is on Fire by The Kings of Leon which is the hottest band of the summer.

    There weren't that many people watching, maybe 20 in all but people were taking pictures and the live music definitely made the shopping more fun.

    I noticed that the department store was also giving free henna tattoos and tarot readings.

    There are two more gigs, one this coming Thursday and another next Saturday. If you fancy seeing something different then come to Arnotts on those dates.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Arnott's department store on Henry Street is a bit of a one-stop shop for fashion, beauty, homeware, lingerie, sports gear and more.

    Like in most department stores, when you walk in the door you are immediately assaulted by the cosmetics counters displaying all kinds of tonics and creams that you never knew you needed. This is a dangerous area for the uninitiated, should you get chatting to the stylish beauty behind the counter, you may become pretty horrified by how empty your life/make-up bag has been up to this point. Avoid unless you are in search of something specific and don't get side-tracked!

    Moving on. Arnott's is a particularly good spot for menswear and I often end up here at Christmas when pondering over what to buy for the awkward divils. Also a good sportswear section,  particularly Dublin GAA gear, and an extensive lingerie department upstairs.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Arnotts have sponsored Dublin football for the past twenty years, they've been on Henry street for over a hundred years. They are as much a part of the city as the four courts, an institution, like Bewleys.

    I'm a big fan of the bargain basement myself. Cheap as chips for the wise. And a handy way of getting through town if it's raining.

  • 4.0 star rating
    5/10/2009 Updated review

    In my opinion, Arnotts Project is fantastic. Arnotts, following Brown Thomas' lead, opened this sister store aimed at young fashionistas who have cash to burn.  They stock some of the most fun, young, pretty and unique clothes in the city from the likes of Lipsy, French Connection, Diesel, Pepe, BCBG, Ted Baker, Max C and more.

    Their accessories section is very nice. The purses are especially fabulous, most around 50-150 euros. Their make up section is also fantastic, selling the likes of Urban Decay and Benefit, two of my very favorite brands.

    It's pricey, but not quite as bad as BT2. It could be feasible for me to buy something from Arnott's Project, whereas BT2 is pretty prohibitive.

    4.0 star rating
    22/9/2009 Previous review
    I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I wandered into Arnott's today. Turns out, the… Read more
  • 4.0 star rating

    Ya know, you really can get anything you want in this shop, i suppose it is a department store after all!

    Its been around since 1843 and is the largest department store in Ireland, something to be proud of eh?

    one of the great stories of the shop has to do with the 1916 rising which set its scene mainly just around the corner in the GPO. Arnotts proudly claim that Pádraig Pearse, President of the Irish Republic made a brief stop at Arnotts to close his account before joining his comrades in the GPO. Not many businesses in Dublin have a story such as that do they?

    Anyway, moving into the present day Arnotts is still booming with everyting from fashion to homewear to sports gear to makeup. generations of irish families have been shopping here for years and to be honest i cannot see it stopping anytime soon

    • Qype User DaisyM…
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    4.0 star rating

    Arnotts is an Irish version of a shop similar to John Lewis. It is one of the oldest stores in Dublin and has many departments from electrical goods to clothing. Arnotts is a bit pricey & is considered an upper class store by Irish people. The store is located in Henry street which is one of the main shopping streets on the Northside of Dublin.
    Arnotts is the official sponsor of the Dublin Gaelic football & Hurling teams & you can buy the official replica kits in store.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Big big place. Worked here one Sunday doing inventory.Think i will come back again.

  • 1.0 star rating

    I have had a bad experience in Arnotts, which explains my lack of liking for this store and the people that visit it (yes I'm probably generalising). I went here with a few friends to visit the cafeteria place upstairs because we had just spent a long day shopping and wanted to get something to drink. So we got into the que and I picked up an Innocent Smoothie but couldn't decide on whether I wanted that or a bottle of Coca Cola (I know, life is hard!). So as I chopped and changed, some idiot of a man behind me spat, "Hurry up! You should have just gone to a newsagents! I don't have all day!" I dislike impatient people with a passion and this guy - who was significantly older than me, I was maybe 14 at the time and he would  have been about 40 something - really rubbed me up the wrong way. I grabbed my smoothie, paid for it and sat down and kept shooting him glares when he was sitting at the other table. Perhaps Arnotts is a nice place but I hardly had the time so 'soak in the atmosphere' because of that stupid man.

    On the other hand, their stationary section is alright.

  • 3.0 star rating

    i like the new layout on the ground floor but otherwise the place is a big confusing mess
    nice selection of brands
    good cosmetics section and great for sales

    the older sales ladies are the best

  • 1.0 star rating
    4 check-ins here

    Tried on TommyH trousers in Sept/Oct full price: €100...said I'd wait and spoil myself in the sales later in the year :) went in the other day (December) full price same trousers: €119 - disappointed!

    • Qype User MELA…
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    4.0 star rating

    This is one of the only truly Irish department stores left in Dublin and its been going for over 150 years. its got a personal shopper option if you need some advise and guidance. Its got many of the big names in ladies fashion including Vivienne Westwoods anglomania collection. The hosiery department stock a nice selection including Falke and Wolford. There is also a great cafe but our pound does not go very far these days in Dublin.

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