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    I got a present of a voucher for a massage for Christmas. I had been aching for a bit of TLC after having my child a few months ago and today was finally the day I got an hour to myself.
    The place itself gets 5 stars from me, they have really made the most of their space and it feels calm, quiet, professional.
    The room was lovely and calming, very comfortable.
    The massage itself was amazing. I got a full body massage with a blend of essential oils.
    I honestly cannot think of anything negative to counterbalance my review, it was a very pleasant experience and I cannot wait to go back.

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    Got here for a free class of Japanese Meditation with Tessa van Keeken, courtesy of Yelp - Festival of Firsts!

    Very quiet building with good atmosphere.

    The class itself was great! You can seat on a chair or on the floor, it's your choice. We did two different types of meditation and talked a little about what we felt. It can be hard to describe what you feel during a meditation, sometimes you don't feel nothing, sometimes you feel like you're about to fall asleep and sometimes it's just you and everything around you connected. Just let it flow and don't think too much, think about the present, the moment and you'll see amazing results.

    I would like to recommend it to everyone that feel stressed and need a break from this "busy" world of "must do"'s and "ways of doing" ... Step out... see it how it is and do it again and again and again so you don't forget it and don't let yourself get caught up again in the spiral... :)

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    22/4/2014 Thanks for the feedback! FYI;; Tessa is offering Yelp members one free place on each of the… Read more
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    I attended a Tai Chai class here as part of Yelp's Festival of Firsts. I must have passed by the Dublin Holistic Centre a hundred times but never even noticed it was there before my class.

    Inside, it's a well-maintained Georgian building offering different therapies and classes. Our class took place in a clean, well-equipped room with high ceilings and lots of light. There was a more energetic session taking place in another room but it didn't take away from the tranquillity of the Tai Chai class.

    Having never tried Tai Chai before, I was relieved to find that it was a small, friendly group and that the instructor Sean took us through the moves very slowly and thoroughly.

    Sean was very approachable and attentive throughout the class and after taking us through some breathing exercises and warm up, left us with a good understanding of one basic move so that we could practise it ourselves at home. I will probably return at some stage and add to my Tai Chai repertoire.

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    I came here and did a beginner's yoga class during the Festival of Firsts.

    When I came in, I was greeted by a friendly receptionist, who directed me to the locker area, which was tiny,  and then the class.

    The decor of the centre is very zen-like. Calm, clean, fresh. Candles, incense and natural light.

    It's very well-equipped and you can see that they're very professional. There are loads of courses going on there, for whatever your needs may be.


    I have done yoga before. I quite like it, though I'm more inclined towards Pilates. The class, which was lead by Catherine (I think) was well organised and very relaxing and I could feel the stretch!

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    I came here for a Tai Chi class which was part of the Yelp Festival of Firsts.

    I remember when I was a child watching out my classroom window as people practiced Tai Chi in the park and being transfixed. I don't know why it took my so long (almost 20 years) to try it but I'm glad I did.

    I have to admit, it was a miserable day and I was more than tempted to stay in and wrap myself in a blanket but I braved the wind and rain and made it to the tranquil oasis that is the Dublin Holistic Centre.

    The centre is situated in Georgian? town house. Large wood floored rooms are lit with fairy lights, it has peace about the place.

    Sean, the instructor, has a slow and steady approach to Tai Chi; we started the class with meditation and then progressed to learning a few moves. He discussed the ideas behind Tai Chi, the balance between tension and relaxation. I got a lot of the session although it might move a little slow for some, it was perfect for my mind set.

    I would definitely encourage people to try Tai Chi at least once and I will be returning to the Holistic Centre to have some more first experiences.

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    This beautifully refurbished and decorated Georgian building is host to two Yoga/Dance studios and eight therapy rooms offering anything from Bellydance to Homeopathy. There's an extensive selection of classes and workshops in Pilates, Yoga, dance and healing.

    The therapies on offer are extensive including Acupuncture, Osteopathy, many different forms of Massage, Counselling, Herbalism, Homeopathy and of course Reflexology and Reiki. The staff are pleasant and friendly and the location is very convenient to the city centre.

    The only quibble I'd have would be the lack of a lift. You get to admire the original stucco ceilings on the climb up to the second floor reception.

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    A comprehensive offering of alternative and complimentary therapies in the heart of Dublin City centre, just above Nourish Health Food shop on Wicklow st.

    The DHC offers Homeopathy, massage, reiki, herbalists, pilates, shiatsu, physical therapy, NLP, counselling, Kinesiology and many other therapies by appointment.

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    In a wonderful, Georgian building in central Dublin, I discovered Dublin Holistic Centre.  On every floor there are therapists who use Reflexology, Acupuncture, Massage, Homeopathy, Yoga, Reiki and much, much more. It's a haven of tranquility and a place where you know you will be well looked after.  I had a fabulouse Reflexology treatment there one day which did the trick for me and have been seeing a homeopath for about a year who moved to DHC. It's so much nicer than the place I used to go, more airy, fresher and more accessible.  I highly recommend Dublin Holistic Centre. They even have classes and workshops on things like Past Life Regression and Bach Flower Remedies.  Check it out.

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From the business


At the Dublin Holistic Centre we have a name for deeply relaxing massages, energetic Pilates classes, restful Yoga with deep stretches, sincere therapists & watchful teachers.  We offer the widest range of alternative & complementary therapies available in Ireland, from Acupuncture to Life Coaching and Organic facials to Tarot Reading! We have it all!  The centre has been running for over 13 years and we only choose the best therapists so you can be assured of the most sincere & professional treatment.  We look forward to welcoming you!


Established in 2004.

The centre was first opened on Duke St., just off Grafton St., called the Duke St. Holistic Clinic, I had only one room and needed a place to practice as a Homeopath.  I then rented out the room on the days I wasn't using it.  So it started very organically, after 4 years there was 6 other therapists working there, so I decided to expand to a larger premises, on Wicklow St, which had 3 rooms.  We named it the Dublin Holistic Centre. To my surprise and delight, the new centre filled up very quickly with therapists so when an opportunity came up 2 years later to expand again to our current location on South William St, I jumped at the chance.  We now have over 50 therapists and teachers working from the centre.  Last year, I expanded once again...and had a little baby boy!! But Im very lucky to have a wonderful manager in Bella and when Im working I can bring my little fella with me.  I continue to be always on the lookout for ways to improve the centre and make it the best in the city!

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