• “It's elegant and chic but under stated - you'll never feel under or over dressed.” in 3 reviews

    Ambience: Classy

  • “Nice atmosphere and a decent wine collection....who needs the food ? I like the ambience of this place and whilst it was busy on a Friday night I would go back just for a great drop of wine or four ;-) We love the Ely at Grand Canal for food and I would hope this one is equal if not better.” in 2 reviews

  • “I liked the richness of the brick walls, and the intimacy of the bar downstairs.” in 2 reviews

  • 5.0 star rating

    Awesome food. Had the oysters, cheese plate, cauliflower, and fries, and carrot/cumin soup. Everything tastes great. Soup is one of the best I've tried. Great texture and cumin flavor. Thought it would be nice if the French fries or "chips" as they call them, could have been a bit more homemade tasting since the menu says hand cut. The bread is really good- it's made with molasses. The wine is pricey, but that's coming from an American perspective with euro dollar conversion taken into consideration. Basement atmosphere is nice.

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    I was invited for a meal with friends here.
    I didn't even know this Ely did food, but it was a pleasant dining experience.

    Both my Beef Carpaccio starter and Monkfish main were very high quality and I really enjoyed them.

    Surprise Surprise, the wine list is vast with somthing for everyone.
    They didn't have the first bottle I asked for, but offered a replacement from the same vineyard at a 10 Euro discount to match the bottle they didn't have. A nice touch.

    In the end I decided on something totally different, the Sequoia Grove Cabernet Sauv 2008. It was lovely, and wasn't priced at a ridiculous high mark up either.

    Will go back for a bottle of wine over a few snacks, if not a full meal.

    The only tiny issue I had was the paper napkins. If I'm spending over 50 Euro a head on a meal, I don't want a paper napkin!

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    29/7/2012 Updated review
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    70% chocolate pot with salt butter caramel ice cream is just divine. The dessert deserves 5 stars and i licked my pot clean :-))

    The suckling pig was great however it lacked two things 1) a bit of sauce to enhance the dish and to soak the meat (there were a few drips of sauce on this one) and 2) crackling :-( Pork and crackling is a must in my opinion. The fondant potato was also flavourless.

    Good wine list albeit small and service was good. The menu needs a bit of work as it does not do justice to the dishes. A bit more creativity required on the food menu me thinks. Also the place got quite warm as the night went on and I was sweating by the end of the evening.

    Happily go back here anytime.

    4.0 star rating
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    Nice atmosphere and a decent wine collection....who needs the food ? I like the ambience of this… Read more
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    I never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed.

    We happily took our glasses of wine and chatted at ease whilst looking at the rest of the crowd.

    "This is an odd wine tasting."

    "Yeah I mean they just keep filling our glasses and giving us food."

    "Yeah I just don't see the benefit in it," as I offered out my glass to be refilled again by the server.

    "What time did it start at?"

    "7pm... It's 8pm," I looked at the server drain the bottle into my glass, "excuse me hun, when is the wine tasting going to start?"

    "Wine tasting?"

    "Uh huh," my partner and I looked at each other like confused dogs.

    "This is a private party. This is Google's private party - do you work for Google?"

    Suddenly it felt like all the eyes of the room were on us.

    "Oh course we do - finance department!"

    We swiftly exited and got in a taxi to this venue. We made it in time for the red wines.

    What an amazing venue for wine tasting. It feels like you are in Oscar Wilde's living room. There were platters of cheese, crackers, parma ham and grapes.

    We sat at a long table, that sat four people on either side. There were four tables like that. Opposite us was a charming couple that converted me to Italian wine.

    Michelle Jordan, an Australian lady whose blood seems to flow wine, was our guest teacher for the night. She added glamour with her svelte appearance. Her descriptions and tour of the wines was extraordinary. The woman has a gift for imagery.

    You are given a place mat with five circles and the name of the wines on it and on it five glasses which are filled with each wine.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the tasting and would highly recommend it.

    A different Michelle that organised the event and works at Ely did a tremendous job and everyone was so welcoming and at no point did we feel inferior for our limited wine knowledge.

    After the tasting we got lots of booklets about what we had just learnt and drank. We retired to the basement for another glass of vino and it was buzzing with people eating.

    Fantastic night, great way to learn about wine, meet new people and very affordable to boot.

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    This was probably my favorite meal in Dublin. I was only in town two days though, before my friends and I went traipsing through the entire country.

    This is definitely a more upscale restaurant. If you are a tourist I would keep in mind this is a place where Irish professionals dine. It's not traditional Irish food, although it is fresh, local, and organic.

    I liked the richness of the brick walls, and the intimacy of the bar downstairs. We ate upstairs as there was no room downstairs for our large party of 10.

    Service was very good. They were upbeat and efficient as is usually the case with the service I received all throughout Ireland.

    For a starter, I had the scallops. It was really delicious with a touch of white truffle oil. I don't know about Ireland but here in the Miami area the chefs can be a bit too heavy handed with the truffle oil.

    For a main, I had the risotto "nero" which was a huge portion of squid ink risotto, with cuttlefish and peas. It was tasty but I suggest you order one and split it is as a starter.

    My friend has the burger which he said was delicious.

    In summary, if you are a "foodie" and are into wine, definitely try this place.


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    This is my favourite bar in Dublin. It is a home away from home. The manager knows me by name and is always ready to recommend a wine. Give him a price range, a country or just tell him what kind of mood you're in and he'll bring you a bottle (or glass) of magic. He's got an extensive wine list at his finger tips so he'll never get bored. Another plus: his memory is elephantine, so he always gets it right.

    The basement setting is gorgeous. I love the high table in the back bar near the window - it's like a little cave or religious shrine. It's great for a date, to meet friends or a business dinner. It's elegant and chic but under stated - you'll never feel under or over dressed. If you want to feel like a VIP, go for the two tables up the stairs (on the left when you enter). They offer a bit of privacy and feel a bit special. You'll see what I mean.

    Look out for the lovely sommelier Gavin Ryan. He really knows his wine but is also a killer musician and singer. I saw him in a battle of the bands competition. His sultry blues tunes were knockout. He usually has his album for sale on the bar. Ask him to play it to give you a taste - he's always so happy when someone is interested in his music. It makes him tick as much as the wine.

    I've not eaten much food here but everything looks great. I swear by the carpaccio though. It's unrivalled in Dublin. They also have a handmade chocolates and nougat plate on the desert menu, which is the perfect accompaniment to any red wine. They do a decent super menu also until late.

    Top tip: look at the whiteboard for special offers. There are always bin ends waiting to be guzzled at a fraction of the price.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The. Most. Amazing. Burgers.

    It's organic.  It's delicious.  It comes with onion relish, lettuce and cheese (if you ask nicely I swapped it for the pickle - ugh).  It's a half pound of Irish beefy goodness.  It's €15 though.  

    Ely also have a "supper club" so you can have a main dish and a glass of wine or beer and a coffee for €18.95 between 5pm and 9pm.

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    Ely does a great brunch.

    I haven't been here for dinner, but they do a really great breakfast at weekends. The smoked salmon scrambled eggs are to die for and the poached eggs are top notch too.

    It's a great place if the weather is sunny as they have a lovely area outside to enjoy your brunch, lunch dinner or just a few glasses from their wide varieties of wine. The setting on Grand Canal is gorgeous too - you can whittle away the hour's people watching, checking out the cool buildings or just enjoying the chill-axed atmosphere of the area.

    I also here they have a cool new cocktail menu so I will definitely be stopping by to sample that soon...all for the sake of Yelp of course!

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    5.0 star rating

    This one came highly recommended from a friend who'd lived in Dublin for several years. I loved it. Ely Wine Bar, located near the the lush and lovely St Stephen's Green, was as elegant as any restaurant I'd come across in a very long while. A delicious menu (modern Irish, continental ... and comforting - massive burgers!) featuring plenty of fresh Irish produce, meat and seafood and a wine list like you wouldn't believe left me hankering to return.

    Phenomenal brown bread too!

    Seriously, next time I plan a trip to Dublin I'll be sure to make a rez here ASAP.

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    4.0 star rating

    Excellent, smart yet trendy atmosphere, with superb wine list, either by the glass or bottle. Very friendly (and intimate, from looking at some of the clientele) with helpful, informed staff.
    Menu is well above average, quality of the food is excellent and not too badly priced for the area (i.e. low side of 'pricey', if that makes sense)
    Expect a good night out with colleagues after a hard days graft!

  • 5.0 star rating
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    No 1 place in Dublin town for a nice relaxing glass of wine. Check out a light lunch here - but be careful .... it's a wine bar !

  • 4.0 star rating

    Very good food (though maybe a bit too Celtic Tiger!) The one in the CHQ is great because of the downstairs "vaults", and the outdoor terrace is nice for a casualglass of wine. :)

  • 4.0 star rating

    Very nice atmosphere under the stone vaults. Food is good and price reasonable (50€/pers)

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    4.0 star rating

    The old tobacco warehouse that now houses this great restaurant sets the tone for a meal enjoyed at this establishment. It's cosy and historic and the meals are of the traditional Irish variety. A great spot for a meal on a cold winter's night.

  • 4.0 star rating

    First dinner in Dublin was a great one. Very neat atmosphere sitting downstairs-- warm, cozy with brick walls and easy to relax in the comfortable chairs (not typical wooden straight-backed table chairs). Food was very good too; all the beef is from the owner's organic farm near Galway. Wine selection was very good and service was typical friendly laid-back Ireland. We weren't rushed at all but by 10:30 the place was packed (Sat night) and so it took about 30 minutes to get our cheque. (This is the only reason I didn't give 5 stars)

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    I've always been fond of ely. I still see it as been newly opened but it's actually around for about ten years now. It's a great place for having a glass of really nice wine, but it's also quite good for food. I had lunch there some time ago and couldn't fault it. I had a salad that ticked all the boxes and my friends who were with me were happy with their choices as well. It's not exactly cheap but it won't break the bank either. The atmosphere in there is very relaxed also.

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    I'd been meaning to go here for a long time and I suggested it to a friend as the venue for her birthday.The walk up to the place really set the tone for the night. The Grand Canal theater was all lit up and all the lights at the canal itself were on. Fabulous!! We booked a table for 7 but it ended up  being 8 of us so they had to do a little shuffling around, which they didn't mind, no complaints from them. We were only having drinks but the food looked delicious! (The food we could see from our table anyway). The wine was delicious and the cocktails were unusual but also very good. The atmosphere in the place was perfect, exactly what we were looking for. I thought because it was such a big place it would be hard to get a good atmosphere going but they pulled it off! The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars was the service we got was terrible. Our waiter was horribly impatient and quite rude. It was the only down-side to our whole evening. Assuming that it was an off-day for him, the place is amazing!!

  • 4.0 star rating

    We went with some friends and had a wonderful dinner! It was a short walk from our hotel, the service was really good and they were accommodating in giving the kids there own table.  They have a great wine menu and the food was excellent.  They made some great dessert wine recommendations.  We were never rushed and enjoyed a leisurely dinner.  The atmosphere had a great energy and the seating was very comfortable. We will definitely go back!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Great wine, great food, great ambience. Went here with some friends and were seated in the downstairs, restaurant-part of the space which has a fabulous cozy, wine cave feel to it. I can definitely see myself becoming a regular. Speaking of regulars, it seemed like everyone here knew each other-but I guess why wouldn't you come back frequently and in the process meet fellow Ely-lovers? A favorite of the night was the breads and dip which came in the form of perfect little rolls with different seasonings and outstanding dips. Everything else we had was great as well. I prefer the atmosphere of this location as opposed to the Grand Canal location but the food/wine there is just as good.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Great place to be, nice wine and excellent food, served in a very nice athmosphere, a little pricy, but worth every cent.. A real treat after a long day..

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