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    Love this place. Our nearest DART station had construction going on so a friendly stranger directed us to a bus stop with a bus that took us directly there in about 30 minutes.

    The hiking trail is amazing, definitely not a walk in the park but you don't need to be in great shape to do it. Amazing views but also super windy so dress appropriately for very cold weather.

    And the village is adorable! They have a little farmer's market area with plenty of delicious things to eat and look it. I almost wished we didn't have reservations at one of the seafood restaurants near the pier there was so much good food to eat in the market.

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    Howth is an ideal weekend adventure as it is right along the DART line however, I would advise going on a day where the weather is good and there is little wind...Being situated out on the peninsula things can get quite cold/ windy especially along the walking trails.

    If you walk left out of the Howth DART station, you will be headed towards the sea side and will pass a variety of small shops and eateries along the way.  There is a small harbor with boats of various sizes and a walk path along the water.  You can also stop by the Olympic House and see a statue commemorating the London 2012 Olympic flame and its visit to Howth as well as take a picture under the Olympic rings :)

    Now if you walk right out of the station and down the path a bit, you will pass the few small shops and then a church on the left hand side. The church is worth checking out if only for a few quick pictures.  Next to the church there is a road that is framed by tress and arched looking gates (easy to spot)  Although there is no official walk path.. just cars driving along...walk through the gates and up the road and you will come across a castle (the one Heather H.- a few reviews down was looking for)  It is a simple castle with people currently residing there but the grounds are pretty to walk around and make for nice pictures.

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    Beautiful scenery, a bustling village and the freshest seafood you can imagine.

    I recommend walking the Cliff Path Loop if you are up for a 6km adventure. Otherwise, walking on the pier gives you an awesome view of Howth and Ireland's Eye.

    The Dublin Bay Prawn Festival in late April is lots of fun - a great opportunity to sample seafood from local restaurants and fishmongers.

    I love this place!

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    Listen, Dubliners. It's not cool to insist tourists visit Howth in February when jack shit is going on. Go to Howth, Howth is so lovely! Just take the train, you'll love it! Bah.

    Okay, when I got there, everything except for the bare minimum of businesses to serve the locals was open, like fish markets and a convenience store. It was cold and windy. No one except a couple other suckers got off the train with me.

    I had heard of a castle with a restaurant, so after having a (damn good, actually) mocha, I asked a clerk at a little market how to get there. She said to turn right on the main street and walk for about ten minutes and I would see it. Now I'm no history major (yes, I am) but I have never heard of a castle on street level, let alone sea level. I asked again if I needed to hike up into the hills, and she repeated the directions. So I walked and walked and walked with my baby who was not having it. But hey, sure enough there was a tower in the distance. As I approached though, it was no castle, but a run of the mill, ordinary Presbyterian church. Sonofa! When the tiny seaside village is known for one specific castle, you would think there wouldn't be that much confusion.

    I was in such a foul mood by that point I didn't want to walk back a mile just to get to square one so I walked all the way to Sutton and got on DART there instead, because eff Howth.

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    24/1/2011 Updated review

    Park your car in along the east/west pier or take the train out.

    The hike is worth it, it's just great to know that somewhere in Dublin there is a proper hike that is on par with hikes in the East Bay of San Francisco/Oakland.

    It's an easy/moderate hike. Beautiful views of the sea. Well kept trail. The hike in total was 8 miles once you leave the cliffs you loop back into the town so it's a combination of nature and path but scenic all the way.

    It was packed yesterday and we started the hike around 2pm so if you can only hike weekends I would advise that you get there early as it can get frustrating if you are stuck behind slow-boats.

    You can finish off the hike with delicious food in the pier, fresh fish! And you can wake the next day with the lovely dull ache of having gotten a day full of fresh sea air and exercise!

    * Extra star for the spotless public toilets... Sadly a rarity in Dublin.

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    "Quaeso ne me!"

    Because that's one of our greatest fears. We don't like it happening to us and we dip…
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    I spent about 3 1/2 hours in Howth, a seaside suburb of Dublin, hiking, picnicing and looking around.

    Starting at the Howth DART station the hike went past a golf course, up through a very jungle-like hillside, across a forest, up another hill  ( where there was a very nice 360-degree view as far as the eye can see )  and then along some paved roads until a great cliff-side pasture where we all had a lunch picnic.

    Returning to "civilization" via the coastal trail had some more incredible views of the cliffs and water before we all ended up back on the main road.

    Do a hike, have some seafood and/or a little boating or swimming in Howth as it's not too far away but in another world.

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    Howth is a little seaside suburb of Dublin. A lot of people from the city centre come here during the summer or on the weekends to relax.

    There are many activities in this village. Some people enjoy walking a long the beach while others prefer going for fish and chips or drinking in the pub. I suggest hanging by the pier and feeding greedy seals. Alternatively, you can shop at the food market on the weekends all year long. Vendors sell a variety of vegetables, cheese and small gifts.  

    Another great activity is taking a boat to Howth Head to explore the island and its animal inhabitants. (The last time I did this, a badger hissed at me after I nearly fell in his den.) The boat service is only offered in the summer months.

    Howth is accessible by Dart or by city bus. The train will get you there in 20 minutes and costs 2 Euro. The 31 or 31A from Abbey Street takes longer and will drop you off 5 km from the southeast of Howth.

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    Howth is a well-loved get-away spot for Dubliners to escape to on a summery or spring afternoon outside the city.

    Best known as a clean-cut, fishy, seaside sort of place, you might consider it the Kinsale of the Dublin area. Personally my favourite thing to do in Howth (besides devouring fish and chips, which seem particularly tasty in Howth - but maybe that's just a false sense of euphoria brought on by the sea air), is to walk along the cliffs. The views are really beautiful and you can see a lot on even a short walk - if your legs will carry you up a steep hill first.

    Head there by DART or by bus from the city. DART is quicker but will leave you at the harbour, whereas the bus will bring you to the top of the aforementioned steep hill, but will take it's time to get there...

    There's often something going on during the summer so look out for festivals and events in the area. Last time I was there, I dropped my ice cream when a seagull unexpectedly landed beside me (I probably shouldn't have admitted that...), but hey, I'm just a tourist and he's a local, so more power to him.

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    Howth is a pleasant 20 minute DART ride along the water away from Dublin city. The town itself is pretty teeny, and doesn't initially seem to present a ton of activities, but it's worthy of exploration!

    Right out of the train station you're at the harbor, which is full of working fishing boats and a marina full of pretty sailboats. There are often fat seals chilling in the water waiting for fishy snacks from tourists. A nice, if windy, walk along the seawall gets you some great views of Ireland's Eye, a small island off the coast. You can also take a ferry ride out to the island for a pleasant stroll and more nice views. We opted instead to do a little hike along the cliffs because it's free. If you walk toward the village and then up the road to the left the signs easily guide you along the way. It's an incredibly beautiful and easy walk, and the views are superb. We brought a little picnic and enjoyed it on a cliff overlooking the sea. Sigh.

    It all felt very Irishy and cute, even though it's so accessible from the city. I highly recommend it as an afternoon trip away from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

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    Jump on the DART at Tara Street and pay 2.60 euro, grab a seat on the right hand side and sit back and watch the coastline all the way to the little seaside historic of Howth.

    Howth is great to visit of an evening, to grab a bag of chips and some fish from Bershoffs and sit on the rocks watching the boats bob on the calm water and try and not be attacked by the super sized sea gulls.  

    The pier is lovely to walk along and there is a play ground for the kids. There are lots of really nice and posh seafood restaurants as well as some small cafes, bars, and pubs.

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    If you want fun in Howth, walk along the pier wall when it's windy. It seriously blows some cobwebs away and your thigh muscles get an excellent work-out - but not as much as your jaw. It's hilarious trying to stay upright. Obviously, exercise caution. And don't take small dogs - I saw one get blown off and nearly strangled by its own lead.

    Ask for bait at the fishmongers and they'll give you a few fat fish and a plastic glove so your hands don't stink afterwards. The seals are like hungry puppies and they will love you - as will the crowds taking photos! Watch out for the seagulls though - they'll swoop and steal your fish mid-air.

    If you fancy a walk, head up to the cliff top. There's a short walk that's a few kilometers long, and leads to a pub, I believe. You can also walk all the way around. This takes about 4.5 hours and leads you to Sutton, where you can either jump back on the DART to go home, or wander along the beach to Howth for some tasty fresh seafood.

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    My favorite place outside of Dublin's fun capital city.
    Take a look at the Abbey Tavern while you're there.  abbeytavern.ie
    Some more photos on Dublin Visitors - dublin1.webs.com

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    Howth (pronounced Hoth) is a traditional little irish fishing village. Situated at the northern tip of dublin bay, howth has amazing views of the surrounding bay & small islands off it's coast. One of the most famous is an island called Irelands eye & you can take a boat trip over to experience it properly. Howth village is still home to lots of local fishermen & on a friday the local restaurants buy in the fish straight from the boats. One of my favourite things to do on a chilly evening is to wrap up warm & walk down to the local chip shop for fish & chips & eat it while walking along Howth beach & listening to the sea - perfect - even better with a loved one :0)
    You can get to Howth easily on the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) from the centre of Dublin

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    I love the views from Howth! If you get the chance, don't miss out on the opportunity to climb the paths to the cliffs. You can see from here the "eye of Ireland" as well as tiny glimpses of Wales. You can totally understand why William Butler Yeats lived such an inspired life here.

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    Wow. That is my one word to describe Howth. My roommates and I made the trip there from UCD for one afternoon, not expecting too much. When we arrived, we saw the most beautiful, quaint little fishing town. It's crazy that this place is so close to Dublin. It was definitely my favorite trip I made while I was in Ireland. Honestly, there's not much more I can really put into words. My friends and I walked around the town. We took pictures and ate in a little restaurant. We walked up the hills, got a little lost, took some more pictures. Each one of us was amazed. If you're in Dublin, definitely go to Howth--no questions asked. You really won't regret it.

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    Gorgeous place to spend a day exploring markets, walks and fine seafood. Arrive early to avoid crowds that pour in about lunchtime. Love the seafood here :-)

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    Everyone says you have to go to Howth, and everyone is right. But don't make the mistake of staying in the little seaside town. By all means admire its quaintness or whatever, but the real attraction here is the cliffside hiking. At the far end of the village the road leads up the hill and, after a quarter mile or so, ends with a small parking lot. From there you'll be taking a well maintained trail around the coastline, which is stunning. It's like walking through a thousand postcard images of rugged Irish cliffs, seabirds whirling, salty breeze blowing, the whole thing. And it's only 20 minutes form Dublin. Crazy. The trail is long - probably 8 miles (13 km) - so be sure to keep an eye on the time. I wouldn't want to be wandering these cliffs in the dark!

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    On a recent trip to Dublin, I was amazed at how close this was to the city centre but how completely different it was! One minute you're in the middle of a modern, metropolitan urban landscape, next you're in a beautiful, sleepy seaside location looking out to the sea, boats and stunning hills in the background. There is a wonderful lighthouse and clean beach, with gorgeous multi-coloured in houses. It is so scenic that I took loads of photos! I had some great fish and chips too. There is also a great little cafe for drinks and snacks. Very serene - definitely worth the cheap and easy trip on the DART and it took no time at all.

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