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    Keeping Temple Bar funky! In my teens and early twenties, I was a huge fan of the colourful, hippy and eclectic and Konfusion would certainly have been a mecca for me had I known of it then. Visiting here as part of the Picture This! walking tour, we met Shelley who spoke about her stock, her customers and her future plans. I particularly liked the range of baby clothes, which really shows me how far I am from the Indian-skirt-wearing teenager I once was. The vintage clothes are gorgeous too. For any girl who wants to dress with colourful flair, or a more conservative dresser who would like one eye-catching piece to set off a high street outfit, this is a great spot.

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    If any of you have ever been to Thailand, you will recognize most of the clothes and accessories on sale in Konfusion from the rails of the hawkers on the Kho San Road in Bangkok. There are several shops in Dublin now offering similar stuff (Om Diva in Georges Street Arcade being one of the first), but Konfusion seems to have the edge when it comes to value, despite what I han only imagine would be some of the highest rents in Dublin due to the prime location of the shop on Temple Bar Square.

    The clothes here are mostly suitable for summer wear - flowery dresses, linen tops and flowy pants - but there's also a lovely selection of colourful hats, scarves and woolly jumpers to keep you warm in the winter. The silver jewelery is beautiful, with some pieces incorporating red coral (again, sourced in Bangkok I would guess).

    Konfusion is a great place to pick up thoughtful presents for any woman - from the jewellery to scarves to clothes to fairy lights, there's something to suit most tastes.

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    I agree that it strikes me more as Spanish in feeling rather than Hippie, though you will find your fair share of harem pants and light-weight floral halter tops and what not.

    But I found the majority of the clothes to be something any girl could wear; bubble hem tunics with cute patterns along the bottom, cotton thermals for chilly days and some really cool shirts, jackets and dresses by Surkana. There is a lot of fun color and pattern here and the store has an overall happy feel. I dig it!

    They also have some adorable little tops and dresses for little girls.

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    If  you like your hippie clothes or festival wear this shop is for you. Right in the heart of Temple Bar, Konfusion is choc full of a paraphernalia of tie-dye and rainbow brights.

    Konfusion would be a great place to stock up pre-Oxegen or Electric picnic, and there are some real finds for whoever can be bothered looking...

    My particular faves are the yellow star bracelets (always been a sucker for stars), the t-shirts with pockets in them (how awesome!) and the very hip and happening hats and bags.

    They also sell nag champa incense here - the best brand in the world!

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    I just love this shop. I only discovered it today despite it being on one of the most popular streets in Temple Bar. It's easy to miss because it's quite small. The word hallway aptly describes the shop.

    Some of the other Yelpers have labelled this place as hippie, but I see it more as being Spanish. The amount of colours and patterns reminds me of mosaics you would find in Barcelona.

    The clothes are really original. There are beautiful summer dresses, both long and short, with crazy patterns. The shop sells those cool Harem trousers, the baggy ones that are tapered at the knee, and stocks one of my favourite designers 70sup.

    70sup makes bags and wallets that have disco patterns. Their stuff looks like the glass beads you'd see in a kaleidoscope.

    Konfusion is definitely one of the business that gives Temple Bar that trendy bohemian feel.

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    I wish I could afford you Konfusion!

    Very tiny shop with a very specific selection. Everytime I go in I want to buy something but don't. Everything they sell is extremely well constructed (while still having the DIY look) and does go on sale.

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    Konfusion is a quintessential Temple Bar shop...a veritable bazaar of clothes, jewellery, hats, scarves (it is in Dublin after all!!), and a few knickknacks, all packed into a tiny space in the heart of Temple Bar.
    Check out it's ever-present sale rack for good deals on fairly traded goods from around the world, or in their jewellery section for beautiful worked silver. The staff are really friendly, and the clothes are quirky and a little bit hippie. The only problem with the clothes is one which pervades such shops...they often look better on the hangers than they do on people (though perhaps the supermodels amongst you don't have to worry about this...I'm writing this more for us normal, non-perfect type folks!!).
    However, if you're a fan of the unusual, and enjoy a rummage (and rummage you will...they truly have packed as much as possible into the shop!!), then Konfusion is definitely worth a peek...

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    This is a tiny little boutique in the middle of temple bar. It has a variety of handmade clothes - tshirts, skirts, trousers and jewllery. I love the jewllery and the badges in there, they are very bohemian and hippy, much like the clothes. Mostly earthy colours, or very vibrant, there is a lovely atmosphere from the shop. Definetly must go in, its really unique and the perfect place if you want to buy something different! :)

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From the business


Established in 2004.

Konfusion is the brainchild of a young Cork woman who had travelled extensively and had always come home to Dublin where she had studied languages in DCU in the 90's.
The name "Konfusion" came up one night in a favourite pub when the owner was yearning for her own clothing store in the city centre. She wanted to add some colour and fun to the high-street shopper's wardrobe through clothes, accessories and jewellery.
She wanted to get across the idea of a fusion of different styles and unusual patterns and take a step slightly to the left of the norm.  
A premises was literally stumbled upon when she was cycling down a bumpy cobbled street in '03 and saw the "TO LET" sign when she was least expecting it.
A lot of adult talk and silly jargon later...

Konfusion was born.

5 years on, it's still rambling away and enjoys an array of wonderful customers from all over the world.
The owner loves her shop dearly and appreciates each and every day that Konfusion survives in this crazy world!