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    4.0 star rating

    Leisureplex Stillorgan is primarily a kids entertainment centre, although sometimes adults can get some fun out of it!

    The facilities here are:

    10 pin bowling
    Q-zar - for those of you who dont know what this is, it's a laser shooting game where there are two teams who run around pointing laser guns at each other, wearing protection of course. The aim of the game is to earn points by shooting one of your opponents, or their base.
    Pompei Paints - an activity mainly for little girls. Each child receives a white piece of pottery, either a mug/plate etc. They can then paint this whatever way they want and the piece is then put in a likn oven to set.
    The Zoo - no, not an actual zoo, a play ground zoo. This is a jungle of towers, slides, balls and more that the kids can run around in (believe me, hours of fun). It is really a birthday party thing, as afterwards the kids are fed a meal and given cake.
    Arcade - coin slot machines, video games etc to play with.

    This is what is available in the Stillorgan branch of Leisureplex, however Blanchardstown have indoor soccer also.

    What's great about the location is that it is very near Stillorgan Cinema, so you could make a day out of it.

    I've come here as a five year old for birthday parties and again as a sixteen year old with a group  of friends for bowling and Q-zar. They can accomodate corporate groups also.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I happen to believe that if you're going to go bowling, do it in a place that is just a touch on the seedy side (Seriously, I spent many happy hours bowling with a convicted Felon in the Northwest US, GOOD TIMES!)..so the Stillorgan Leisureplex fits the bill nicely.

    It's also got some decent video games, even if they are a bit spendy at 1 euro/play.  I blew most of my disposable cash on SNIPER!, but my favorite, House of the Dead was, well, dead, so I had some to spare for Air Hockey.

    There is a small fee just to get in, but you get it back if you bowl or play snooker so it really just helps keep the crowd of wandering crazies at bay.  Fortunately for the people I was with, if you're a crowd of wandering crazies with cash, you're A-OK!!

    It should definitely be pointed out that the electronics for the scoring system worked perfectly, which is actually not nearly as common as it should be at places like this.  The shoes were also in really great shape, another plus.

    Bottom Line:  if you think bowling alleys are, by definition, pretty funky places to have fun, then grab a shirt with your name on the pocket and go throw your balls!

  • 3.0 star rating

    Ah the Bowler, the place of my youth, i think the pay in at the door thing came just around the time i stopped going there. i remember getting the 75 to Stillorgan every Friday evening after school to hang out at the bowler, spend some time playing air hockey and sometimes attempting a bit of snooker. Everyone in secondary school who was cool used to come here on the weekends for a while, it was the cool thing to do!

    then it got boring and we stopped going, they introduced an entrance fee, we realised the food wasn't nice and the bowling went up a bit in price. this wasn't our dream hang out spot anymore.

    its still a grand spot for a spot of bowling and i have gone back quite a few times but i have only ever indulged in the bowling. I have had a great time to be honest. Bowling isn't something i do regularly so i always have a good time when i go

  • 3.0 star rating

    This place is probably way too young for me these days, I remember when I thought it was cool and truth be told I could probably still loose myself in it for a happy few hours but then the grown up part of me would kick in and I'd go home to my warm slippers and my Bovril.

    So, if you are under the age of 29 and enjoy a boggling array of arcade games, pool / snooker, bowling and hanging about on gates and walls telling each other how lame life is then this is the place for you.

    Overall it feels grotty though it is probably just a bit dated and the food served in the diner is not great at all. However I reckon with a group and a couple of drinks you would very likely have the time of your life so don't take my word for it, jump in some even and post a review here telling the world just how much you disagree with old an Q

  • 2.0 star rating

    Oh dear.... oh dear oh dear.. I remember watching Dazed and Confused one day and seeing their "Emporium" where all the kids would hang out, drink beer, shoot pool, show off their cars and listen to music. That was cool... this place is not cool...not by a long shot.

    Perhaps when i was 8 or 9... Q-zar was the coolest thing on the planet.. bowling was hard but amazing and all the games were the bee's knees... but that was when i was 8 or 9. Nowadays this is the place i go when there is absolutely, positively nothing else to do. They offer a fairly good deal on Pool and bowling. But the admission pay always gets me angry and the abundance of frustration via both the staff and the patrons leaves you more wound up leaving this place than going in.

    I wouldn't say don't go... just make sure you have nothing else to do first... because it really is a last resort.

    Oh it does get a bonus star for being open super late... many a good late night here... that's the only time you can have a good time in my opinion.

  • 3.0 star rating
    First to Review

    There was a time, maybe when I was around eight or nine, when we got to go to the Leisureplex nearly every week. Birthdays, you see, everyone in our class seemed to have one. And if it didn't include bowling, Q-zar and cake you were seen as a bit of a looser.

    Then there was Bam Bams Zoo, where you could run around, climb on stuff, fall over and drown in the ball pit. Back in the day the Leisureplex was number 1, no question.

    Then you get a bit older, and decide that the leisureplex is for kids. So you give it a break for a few years, explore new possibilities, like girls. Before one day you wake up with an insaciable urge to play pool in a dark room, and the Leisureplex becomes cool again.

    There's an arcade and food too, and for one glorious golden era when I was in first year of college it was open 24hrs a day. Sigh....how the great have fallen....

  • 3.0 star rating

    Overall, so grotty it's actually good.
    This has a bowling alley, amusement arcade area, and a rotten cafe. It is riddled with screaming children, which is only to be expected. It also does children's parties. Consequently, there is a pervading reek of tomato ketchup throughout the whole venue.
    Last night, I went bowling for the first time in about 15 (eek!!) years. There were 12 of us, and it cost 10 euro a head for two games, which spanned about two hours. The bowling shoes (why?!) smelt clean. Our machine worked properly, even if the graphics on the score-screen mocked my awful bowling skills. However, our other team's machine did not work properly and sucked the skittles into the bowl-return mechanism, breaking it. For a bunch of late-twenties, this was funny. For a bunch of little kids, I think it might have caused tears and tantrums. Yet for us, this was only ever meant to be a funny/nostalgic experience so it added to that.
    Additional points:  the toilets are so vile I'd seriously rather use the ones in the pub across the road. Mid evening, I had a blood sugar slump, but was unwilling to buy the overpriced canteen chips and chicken nuggets that were one of the very few options available in the cafe. I tried to get sweets from the vending machine as an alternative, but the bockety old thing just ate my last euro instead. So in a rage I went back to the cafe. Frightfully horrible chicken and chips appeared 10 minutes and 10 euro (yes) later. Again, so bad that it was funny.
    And a final note- this place would be greatly improved by a bar. (Or is that just my opinion?!)

    • Qype User Diablo…
    • Bradford, United Kingdom
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    4.0 star rating

    The main reason I come here is for a game of bowling. This leisureplex is in Stillorgan, which is a good few miles outside of the city centre but buses come past here every 5 minutes. The prices in this place are over the top in my opinion and I don't like the fact that they charge you a euro just to get in the place. The bowling lanes are nice enough and there is a little restaurant there serving burgers and chips etc so it's a nice enough spot for kids parties. The staff here are quite bone idle and tend to be quite unhelpful from my past experience. I like the fact they have a few arcade games but it's just an easy way to spend a lot of money in a short space of time. There is also a laser quest place here but i've never seen it used. There are a few car park spaces if you are driving here, maybe around 20 or so.

    • Qype User tasmin…
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    2.0 star rating

    i've been to leisureplex with my kids and their friends a few times, and i have to say, i wasnt very impressed by the place. the only thing i liked was the bowling.
    i personally feel it could do with being less cramped. theres so much everywhere, and the music is going full blast...i always come out with a headache. though in saying that, my kids like it.

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