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  • 5.0 star rating
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    One of my favorite places to shop. Food hall has so much to choose from. Everything is so fresh.

    Love getting a bargain dress. Good for tights, nickers, & Jammie's. good value.

  • 3.0 star rating
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    Marks is great for tights, socks and other ladies 'things' ;) This one always had a huge selection of all of the above. And it usually my first of call for these things.

    As for the rest of the fashion dept, well M&S has never impressed me enough to buy any of their clothes to be honest.

    However the food dept is good. The ends of aisle can have great deals, so keep your eyes peeled 8)

  • 4.0 star rating

    It is very large split over a number of floors and you need a map to find the ladies underwear department. When you find it the staff are helpful.

    As for their clothes some are good quality and last for ages and some look as though you have warn them every day for a month after first wearing.

    Still a fan though.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I just love Marks and Spencer!! So much so that I asked my latest crush to take me on a date there (easily pleased, this one!!)

    Everything is so beautifully packaged and the food is fresh and cheaper than SuperValu!! Try the profiterole dessert in the grocery section - to die for - and often sold out, to my horror when trying to satisfy a craving...

    Great place to buy a picnic to take to St Stephens Green...such a wonderful array of cheeses and parma ham and raspberries and little bottles of prosecco (they even sell ice for the underprepared!)

    Everyone must try the lunch offer in the upstairs restaurant. Yes I know what you're thinking - expensive, right?? Wrong... 12.50 will get you a mail meal, dessert and glass of wine - unbelievable price, when a main is usually about 10 euro. Fantastic on a sunny day (don't laugh, we've had a few recently). The chicken kiev is great. We couldn't go past it, so I don't know what anything else tastes like.

    For dessert, you will probably be tempted by the chocolate pudding, but branch out and get the pancakes with berries... you will thank me ;-)

    If you can handle the pretentious older clientele in this restaurant (or hey, just ignore them!) you'll enjoy a lovely start to your afternoon in this place. From memory, this lunch offer is valid from 1pm onwards.

  • 3.0 star rating
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    NYC has it's pizza slices and we have the British retail chain M&S. Why am I drawing that somewhat vague comparison?

    Well if you are looking for decent fast food and are by yourself this is a good choice.

    The menu is limited, three varieties of toasted sandwiches. I had the mushroom and emmental cheese which was good. They do pastries and coffee based drinks.

    Stools face out on to Grafton street and Duke street which makes it a good place to people watch and also won't make you conscious that you are dining alone.

    Like a pizza joint your food comes on a paper plate... Classy.

  • 4.0 star rating


    Marks & Spencer can do no wrong (for me). Stopped in to do a bit of quick grocery shopping (picked up 2 bottles of wine, chips, puppy treats to bring back to my puppy in the U.S., and croissants) and did some browsing as well. Prices are reasonable (from my limited exposure to European groceries) and actually, we did quite a bit of comparing bottles of wine to get the cheapest ones (with twist off tops, as we did not possess a wine opener in our hotel room).

    I once bought a pair of shoes from M&S for £3 so that's also a plus for them in my book.

    We sat upstairs in the "cafe" area to enjoy our croissants. There were a few stools available but never two next to each other but a kind old man moved down one so my companion and I could sit together. It's a nice place to people watch, as the stools face Grafton street. We watched bustling shoppers scurrying in the chilly weather. Didn't sample any of the food available in the cafe, but the people around us seemed to be enjoying themselves.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I wish we had a place like this back in the U.S.  The closest comparison I can make is an upscale Target, which I dearly love.  

    You can shop for clothes, groceries, buy food...it's a one-stop shop for everything you might need or love.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I think this is the better of the two Marks and Spencers in downtown Dublin even though it is smaller. The layout really is very nice, open and airy and it's easy to navigate, which can't be said for some other huge department stores.

    The clothes at Marks and Spencer are pretty great, as far as I'm concerned. They have a trendier line now called Savida, which is much pricier than their other ranges, but a lot cuter. I don't think the quality is absolutely wonderful for the price though, so choose wisely. Their other stuff is a great value though. I got some ultra soft and comfy yoga pants here for a fiver!

    Their shoe and accessory section is definitely my favorite though. The quality is great; shoes are sturdy, comfortable and affordable to boot! Their purses are also really great, and for around 30 euros you can find one that looks like it cost a lot more.

  • 3.0 star rating
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    Marks and Sparks is always just a nice shopping experience. I love the lay out of this location, and especially the stair case.

    I was easily lost of amount of time strolling through all the departments... typically held up in the shoe department. The prices are fair and the quality is great.

  • 4.0 star rating

    To continue in the thread of Laura C.'s review, I notice that no-one has spotted Marks and Sparks rather sinister and sneaky ploy: the pump the smell of cookies all around the shop, especially around the front door.
    Then having lured you into the shop, the crafty powers that be a Marks and Spenser PLC decrees that the cookies are always placed at the back of the shop, so you have to walk the length of the shop, subliminally registering products the whole way, until you get to them.

    So yeah, Marks and Sparks is the place to go for delicious cookies and posh ready-meals. They also do good foodie presents, too: I got my Dad a cheese selection thing one Christmas, and we sat down and demolished after dinner, even though we were already stuffed to bits. Good times.

    As to the clothes in M&S - they do good quality stuff, but most of the menswear is a bit boaty for my taste. They do some nice suits, though, and very reasonably priced. When my one and only suit finally gives up the ghost, I'll definitely consider looking them up.

    Oh, and one last thing re menswear. Marks is great for the humdrum stuff, like socks and boxers. And for those of you cursed, as I am, with gargantuan feet (size 13s), Marks do socks for the man with larger piéds. They don't get worn out as quickly as the ones made for normal people with their regular-sized, oh-so-dainty little footsies.


  • 3.0 star rating

    Marks & Spencers is famous among busy singletons and professional kitchen-skivers for its selection of ready-made gourmet-esque meals, classy sambos and salads. Among others, it's the place where live-alone suburbanites and yummy mummies shop for their groceries.

    Personally, I don't buy much in Marks & Sparks apart from 'Percy Pig' sweets and sometimes I'll go wild and get 'Percy and Friends'. If this review was based on Percy Pigs alone, I'd give it five stars.  I've also been known to purchase a luxury cookie or two - that warm sweet bakery smell is more than tempting and I reckon it should be banned for subliminal advertising.    

    Even yummy mummies are feeling the recession at this stage so M & S is offering meal deals for two people  for around €12, including a bottle of plonk. Not bad, says I and I may just pick one up next time I'm in getting Percy Pigs.

  • 4.0 star rating

    This is the only grocery store on grafton street, can you believe that? and for this reason I am giving it a healthy four stars, who wants to go trekking to a dunnes or a tesco when you have ots of bags in tow, why not just go into this food hall and suffer the journey home with killing arms knowing that you have a tasty dinner from marks and spencers ahead of you!

    another of my points was given because this particular marks and spencers has a place where you can sit in and eat lunch! and you dont just have to eat pre packed asndwiches which i hate, you can get freshly made baguettes from a counter down in the food hall! lovely!

  • 4.0 star rating

    This is a great place to stop and have a latte when you are wondering around Dublin.
    It is right on a corner, has big large windows to look out, and a great place to sit and watch the people go by while you have a coffee.

  • 3.0 star rating

    The three star rating is for this Marks and Spencer alone. Now, I am a HUGE fan of this chain of stores. It kept me in peanut butter and barbeque crisps when I was living in the Czech Republic and I am addicted to their stockings. Why I gave this particular store only three stars is the due to some of their staff I dealt with today.

    This one down on Grafton has a kick ass food markety place (I can't remember what it is called right now for the life of me) and a really good selection of stocking and other unmentionables (as my grandmother would call lingerie), what they are lacking (or so I was told today) is a housewares section, which is fine. What is not fine, is the less than polite response I received from two female employees when I asked about it today. I do feel very bad about interrupting the very important conversation about some knacker who hit on one of said employees last night, which is a completely appropriate conversation to be having at work, btw, especially as they were behind a completely queless cash register, but I couldn't just magically pull the answer out of nowhere and felt like asking before meandering all over the store looking for a badly placed directory. Anyway... next time I'll be sure to not expect said employees to be working while at work, lest I get another eye rolled answer and a lackluster suggestion on where to go instead.

    Other than bitchy young lady employees, this place really isn't bad.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Marks and Spencers is a nationwide favourite, the homely and conventional nature of which has appealed to the archetypal Irish housewife for decades. It is an untouchable institution, and for the majority of us the only place to go to pick up what I like to call the nuts and bolts of your wardrobe such as tights, underwear, plain coloured 100% cotton jumpers, black leather shoes, dressing gowns, inimitable pyjamas in terms of comfort and many more. The word that always comes to mind when I think of Marks and Spencers is dependability. Their clothes and undergarments are always made to last and tender the greatest level of comfort.

    The big, sweeping marble staircase that greets you as you enter through the main door off Grafton Street is a sight to savour and truly brings to the fore the unique elegance that this branch possesses in comparison to any other M&S in the country.

    A new restaurant has recently opened on the top floor of this flagship store on Grafton Street. The interior however is so strikingly white that you feel more like you're aboard the Star Trek voyager and not within an establishment looking to grab some lunch. This futuristic and clinical-looking interior unsurprisingly lacks in any authentic ambiance. The sun rarely shines in Dublin leaving the rooftop a wasted initiative before you get to even so much as step out there. I never even made it close, staying back to take my seat on what I can only explain as a bar stool that has been designed to suit the milieu of a flying saucer. Uncomfortable and with legs on it so skeletal you remain in a state of apprehension the whole time you are sitting on it that it may not even be able to maintain stability. During the lunchtime rush it is a case of sitting wherever's available and so I was forced to sit on this awkward, poor excuse for a chair. The menu comprised mostly of ready-meals. I eventually settled for Italian vine ripened tomato soup that was served tepid in a bowl that was scorching hot, which rang alarm bells that this was a microwave job. It seemed almost ironic that the cuisine dispensed within this 'alien craft' (if the interior is anything to go by) was akin to NASA style food - heated up through the most counterfeit means possible. If hunger does indeed wallop you in the face when you're shopping then it's hard to overlook this eatery, especially if you think the pleasant rooftop translates into anything viable, but it doesn't so I beg you to take your business to somewhere else, somewhere well thought-of.

    The eateries within this flagship store don't stop there. Café Revive, found on the ground floor, serves Marks and Spencers' own brand of food sold in the Food Hall but naturally heated up if required/ and or desired, or in the example of a baguette taken out of the wrapper you would otherwise have bought it in in the food hall and positioned on a plate. You pay a little more for the food than you would if you were buying them in the food hall and eating them elsewhere thanks to the café's comfort providing a seemingly lavish place to eat and relax. I say 'seemingly' because it always makes me a bit uncertain about somewhere when it's communicated in such a forthright as this way that I am, by a certain margin paying to eat on the premises before I have even sat down. Owing to the M&S food being very familiar and especially to somebody who goes there regularly, when you are faced with a price higher than that you know the same item is sold for within the store it results in a mishmash of initial resentment and then ensuing anticipation of what exactly the dining experience that has now garnered such clout will be like; will it live up to the hype that has been imparted upon it owing to the higher food prices (the supplementary expense unmistakably attributable to commission charged for sitting within the premises)? I find M&S food very appetizing and so it is very hard for me to reprimand this in anyway, but just so you know nothing sold within this café is exclusive to the café as everything can be bought within the Lower Ground food hall. The seating area feels fresh and light, with white walls and urbane black chairs. What I believe to be the foremost selling point of the café is the seating position on high stools by the large front window where you can look out onto Grafton Street and spend hours on end people watching and just generally gazing the day away. M&S are renowned for their high quality and so it is unsurprising that the quality of food is consistently enticing, and it does proffer you the opportunity to enjoy what is admittedly a striking view in Dublin's most renowned street but as with most things in Dublin, nothing comes for free and don't think enjoying the opportunity to gaze out at Grafton Street from inside the M&S window is an exemption to the rule.

  • 5.0 star rating

    The best place on Grafton and around to have a coffee, or brunch or nibbles without being pressurised to finish within the hour and with a great view ! I sometimes feel bad about spending a few hours in a dark place on a sunny sunday afternoon, regardless of how good the conversation and the food are...M&S restaurant is great because it's very bright and overlooks grafton (it's on the top floor).  My fave in there ? Fresh orange juice and chocolate cake !

  • 4.0 star rating

    You can get clothing and food here. I mean nice clothing not Walmart quality like back in the US. The prices are reasonable and the quality is good. I bought perfume for 8 euros, underwear, and had a meal. I know it is a chain but I like it.

  • 4.0 star rating

    2 reviews and not a mention of the best part about M&S? I'm shocked. It's very very simple really. The Food Hall is the biggest draw of this store, as the other departments do have a strong whiff of ladies who lunch and (the uncool kind of) granny chic about them. The cafe's good too, but it's downstairs that shines. But that's not even the best bit. While your nostrils are being assailed by a myriad of delicious smells, pick out the most tempting one you can...follow the trail...and you end up in front of what are genuinely the most amazing chocolate chip cookies ever. I swear, there's gotta be a narcotic of some sort in these, because things just shouldn't be this good! Seriously, for 99c, go get one...or 2...or 3...
    The rest of the food is standard M&S fare - good food, decent prices, great selection. Best place for picnic shopping, and the hummus is the best and cheapest around. Check out their wine selection too...anywhere that sells litre bottles has my vote!!

  • 3.0 star rating

    Heading up the escalator on the last lap its not evident you are heading for the restaurant but when you re-orient yourself at the top you are heading into a fine big space. A little clinical in design but the staff are welcoming and my waitress was even interested in my view of the danish she served me (doughy). And the coffee is quite good.

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    4.0 star rating

    Marks and Spencer offers wide range of high-quality products, including clothing and food. I used to shop here every weekend! However Marks & Spencer is not the place to queue up for your lunch sandwichs, me and my sister queued for ages, not a great experience. However I love the food in M&S, they offer good quality food, just as you see on the adverts. I am also a fan of the clothing range in M&S, the clothing prices are average and great quality. However I have found that everyone is one size below in M&S, so if you are a ladies size 10, you will be an 8 in M&S! They also sell a variety of gift items, homeware and lingerie, oh and mens clothing range as well. A great shop, excellent service and products.

    • Qype User alltha…
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    5.0 star rating

    If I had to pick only 5 places that I could shop - Marks and Spencers would definitely make the cut!

    Not only do I like the product range in M&S, I love the way their business works.(yes I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to things like this!) It's not cheap but you get what you pay for. They often have great special offers, particularly in the food department. I love the Autograph and Limited Collections in the clothing department. (Girls - tights and underwear dept. cannot be beaten, Guys - great for shirts and ties)

    Customer service is top class! The staff are excellent. It seems that most are full time employees as opposed to part time staff as is the case in many shops, especially in the city centre. This makes a big difference. Managers are visible on the ground, mucking in and not just walking around with a clip board trying to look important!

    Their ordering service is excellent - you can order any clothing item that they don't have in your size, and it will arrive in a store of your choice within 3 days. This service is also available by phone. Their website is excellent but only useful for browsing if you are a resident of the Rep of Irl, as they do not deliver here. (hopefully this will change in the future)

    The food department is UNBELIEVABLE. Very fresh fruit & veg and good value. I'd be here all day if I described everything I like about it, but one recent change that I like is the introduction of a limited number of branded products e.g. Kellogg's cereals, Barry's tea etc. Very clever move!

    Don't take my word for it - have a look for yourself! (Cáfe is also nice - particularly in the Henry St store)

  • 4.0 star rating

    Love this Marks&Spencer but I hadn't been into the lovely and airy rooftop restaurant here until recently. And it was buzzing with business - even at 3pm on a Saturday. The afternoon rush didn't stop the staff giving myself and my mates their undivided attention mind you. The loaction is great - you can head there in the midst or after a bout of retail therapy. A varied menu means there is something for everyone, whether you're after just a quick bite or a more leisurely lunch. From the garlic prawns, chicken Caesars and fishcakes to the carrot cake and Eton Mess, there wasn't a word of complaint out of any of us. Everyone should check this place out.

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