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    This is a great park to go for a run/walk in.

    Its very big, its very scenic. They have pitches to play sports on, and permanent outdoor exercise equipment dotted around the park.

    Marley Park House is also very nice and there is a market here on a Saturday.

    I will come here for many a run.

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    lovely park, great market, friendly people, you could run on a Saturday morning, get some nice coffee at Barry, doing the groceries buying real organic food, cheese, bread, apples, fish, etc., it is a great place to go in

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    A really nice park and a great place for a music festival.

    That's why I was here, for Longitude festival. It's the only time I'm ever here in Marlay Park truth be told. And every time I tell myself that I really must come back for a look when it's just a park. But I never do.

    Oh well. Until the next concert!

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    I grew up near Marley Park and it's one of the most beautiful in Dublin. Great markets, super location for gigs and really well maintained.

    I'm not a parent, and I'm certainly not a kid anymore, but I remember that the playground was especially awesome.

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    Beautiful park with big trees and lovely flowers. There's a market every Saturday where you can buy food, coffee, vegetables, juice, olives, art... all of the regular market stuff. It's a great place to spend a Saturday morning, walking around the park, stopping at the market for a coffee and maybe a few fresh ingredients to take home with you. I got a breakfast crepe from the "Crepe" stall, and I wasn't a big fan, too much cheese (as a cheese lover, you know there was just way too much on there for me to say this!) I also got a coffee from the guys there, which was quite nice and a pear and almond slice from another vendor.

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    Marlay Park was one of our regular haunts as kids, as dad used to take us to various parks every sunday morning. Aside from seeing Beck and Radiohead play there a few years ago, I hadn't actually visited the park in some time. With the Spring sunshine breaking through I decided to pop back there for a walk.

    Essentially its a manor house with gardens turned into a park - there are manicured gardens, large open stretches of grass, playing fields, playgrounds and wooded areas. One of the things I loved about Marlay as a kid, and still love, are all the little streams and stone bridges throughout the wooded area.

    I really enjoyed my walk around the grounds as I happily meandered for nearly two hours, although the sound of the M50 does take a little something away from it! They've also enclosed the duck pond with fences now (presumably to stop children falling in - I may have mentioned before that I've fallen into a body of water in every park in south dublin - it just has a gravitational pull!!)

    Marlay also has a cafe, an ice-cream van and a market on Saturdays and Sundays. There's toilets at at least two locations and possibly a mini railway which may or may not be functional! A lovely day out if the sun is shining!

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    Who says theres nothing to do in Rathfarnham!Besides being one of the biggest parks in suburban Dublin. Marlay park has recently been a pretty good, if out of the way, concert venue. There's an Aldi on the grange road if your looking for cheap beer before hand.

    The place is also huge at over 300 acres as well as having 5 G.A.A pitches, 6 Soccer pitches,Tennis Courts,Cricket grounds,a BMX  cycle track. Its equipped with 2 playgrounds so if the kids are driving you nuts throw them in here.

    A golf course is under re-development and a famers market is on evey Sarurday near the main Marlay house. As well as this theres a coffee shop and toilets. If your just looking for a quiet walk or get out into the sun on a nice day then Marlay park is a must.

    The opening hours very depending on the time of year.These are from DL/Rathdown county council.

    September 9.00am to 9.00pm
    October         9.00am to 8.00pm
    November, December, January 9.00am to 5.00pm
    February, March 9.00am to 6.00pm
    April - August 9.00am to 10.00pm

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    I just to love Marley Park as a kid, with its BMX park and wicked adventure play ground with lots of spaces to hide from parents, and tonnes of kids going wild, not to mention the crazy peacocks who would attack my dad's shiny car!

    But having gone to Marley last week I found the whole place really dead and well, groomed! All the grass is cut and the pitches are in great nick! Tress have been cut and gardens planted. BMX park is no longer and playground is really dull and uninteresting and nobody was using it!

    This is like a paint by numbers park. It is really clean, lots of wide open spaces and picnic spots but it has lots all of its rugged wildness and in my opinion some of its charm!

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    Marlay Park was our treat day out when we were little. The playground - full of wooden swings, mazes, slides, little houses and forts - was the best we'd ever experienced and the BMX track was brilliant. We used spend an entire summer's days there with a picnic. Kept us occupied for hours on end - good times!

    Over the years, I've returned to Marlay for fun of a different kind when I ventured into some quality outdoor concerts including Morrissey and Faithless along with Kasabian. It's a great place for a venue because this massive park can facilitate the crowds and buses that descend without causing (too much) disruption. You also feel like you're at a festival for a day without all of the mankiness!

    Marlay is also the starting point of Wicklow Way so hikers should head here if they're determined to cover the whole trail.

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    This is a wonderful park! There are so many amenities in this park for everyone to enjoy. There is a great children playground with lots of swings and slides and climbing frames. There are tennis courts where anyone can enjoy a game of tennis. There are numerous football and gaelic pitches. There are also open green spaces where you could set up a game of rounders or some other game that needs a big space. One endearing part of this park is the small dog park where dog owners can let their little (or big!) dog run around without a lead. Dogs must have a lead everywhere else in the park. As we are talking about animals, you may also spot a peacock or two strutting around the place and of course marlay wouldn't be a proper park without a flock of ducks that you can bring the end of you loaf of bread to feed. Marlay is great for a walk or a run or even a picnic when its a nice day.

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    I really like Marlay Park! It is full of woodlands and ponds which is a nice scenic place to go for a walk.  There are is so much to do here, the facilities include a nine hole par three golf course, tennis courts, BMX cycle track, fourteen football pitches, cricket pitch, a children's playground and a miniature railway. There is also a craft courtyard with home craft shops and coffee shops.

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    Marlay Park is a lovely, large park in South Dublin. You can walk through the wooded area, play some tennis or go cycling. There is even a little coffee shop and a craft shop selling local crafts if you get bored of walking. There is a large carpark at the entrance to the park.

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    Marlay Park is a great concert venue. I went to see David Gray here years ago and it was brilliant. It rained of course but none of us were surprised as this is Ireland after all. The downpour didn't stop us enjoying the gig though. The setting was perfect and the whole thing was very relaxed with the bar within easy access too. The portaloos has big queues but that happens at any music event. I would definitely go back there.

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