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    Easily the best hot chocolate I've ever had!! I had a milk and dark today, and it was exceptional. A sampling of their chocolate chips are served with each drink, and those are darn tasty also.

    The drinks are a little expensive when you think it's just a cup of hot chocolate, however the taste makes it well worth the price!!

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    One of the best...check that, perhaps the best chocolate I have ever  tasted.  The 60% bar was dark, but not too dark tasting.  Smooth, sweet and silky.  The 38% bar was absolutely outstanding milk chocolate.  Enjoy if you're in the area.  They sell the chocolate bars at a great little candy store downtown  Killarney.  

    I wish they shipped to the states.

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    Oooooh sweet divine me!!!!
    Sorry to Butlers establishments, but I must say, O'Conaill's is by far where you will get the best hot chocolate ever!
    They have a small store in Cork city and are also on the Midleton market on Sundays.
    After tasting their home-made hot chocolate, you'll understand why there is such a queue at the hot chocolate counter!
    My recommendation: ask for a white and milk hot chocolate and put marshmallows... yuuuuuum!!!!!!

    Moreover, all chocolates are locally made in Cork, perfect example of a successful (and delicious) local business.

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    Like Jaws II, O'Connaill's is back and this time it's bigger. Unlike Jaws II, O'Connaill's is actually good.

    I was freaked out on a recent trip home to see my favourite chocolate shop closed up and the interior gutted. It wasn't dead though, just waiting to be resurrected. They've expanded into the unit next door, and now it's a far nicer place to sit and sip your hot chocolate or pick up some sugar-filled nibbles.

    The main change is an increase in seating, and the splitting of the store in chocolate and coffee sections.Hopefully this will mean service will get quicker, especially when the Christmas rush kicks in and those chocolates start jumping off the shelves.

    As for a recommendation, if you can handle the sugar, get a milk and white. If you want something a bit different, the dark praline is a real treat.

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    O'Conaill Chocolatiers have won my heart (and the hearts of those with whom I have shared any of my chocolate bars). I have enjoyed the 34% (milk), 60%, and 70%. Each offers the complex flavors and smooth texture a chocolate connoisseur demands. I believe it to be not only the best chocolate made in Ireland now, but some of the best I have ever savored.

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    Every time I head home to Cork I make a beeline for O'Conaill's.   It's a small shop on French Church Street-the narrow street and narrow shop combine to give it a definite old fashioned charm.  Walking in the door you are greeted by a wall of shelves on the left full of chocolate and a large glass cabinet full of fudge (which to choose?) and individual chocolates on the right.  All of the products are locally made in Cork and all are yummy!
    Top picks include their chocolate drops/chips-bags of 70% cocoa dark ones or milk...or, my favourite, the bag of mixed dark, milk and white.  Delicious.  They sell their own drinking chocolate too and enormous bars of dark chocolate to bake with.  I have had many happy hours nibbling on their chocolate covered espresso beans and adore their dark chocolate covered ginger.  I did once write to them requesting that they make some chocolate covered ginger and saw it in the shop soon after.  I like to think it was thanks to me, but it's probably more likely to be great minds thinking alike!
    If you have some time, definitely sit down and have a mug of hot chocolate.   They have a MENU of different types, all lovely.  
    They don't really do café food, apart from a few chocolate biscuit cakes and biscuits.  But, to be fair, there's plenty of chocolate to be eaten.  Service is variable-sometimes great, sometimes slow.  It's often unclear which counter (fudge or drinks) is the best to stand at.   They get to you eventually.

    Minor issues aside, I will be popping in again when I'm back home.  My chocolate chip stash is dwindling and needs to be replenished.  And ginger is good for you I'm sure, especially when coated in antioxidant rich dark chocolate.  That's my excuse anyway!

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    You never know where you'll find O'Connaill's Chocolates but everywhere wouldn't be a bad answer.
    Not alone do this Carrigaline based company have their own outlet, well positioned in city centre French Church Street, but their products are sold by many top rate food outlets (such as O'Keeffe's in St Luke's) and, in addition, they never ever neglect a market space, being regulars in Mahon and Midleton.
    They have chocolate products galore, the strength of their bars going from 30 to 100 per cent. And they can heat you up on a cold day with some delicious hot chocolate (€2.50). Well I find it delicious any way but, taste being what it is, some people do find it the sweetness just too much.
    That is the way we are built but  you still don't lose out if you find yourself in front of an O'Connaill's stall as they also sell some decent coffee (€2)  to go. My most recent visit came on a Sunday morning in Blackrock and, as the frost lingered well into the day, I really enjoyed my hot cup as I watched the rowers pass by on the river.

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    Helpful staff, mouth-watering array of chocolates and fudge, hot beverage options to warm a winter's day or chilly summer's eve. The best hot chocolate I've ever had! When we asked if we could take a photo of the staffer who made it behind the counter they happily obliged. Will go back again and again. Their chocolate is made locally (though not physically in the shop) so it's authentic, local, high quality, and delicious. It's the kind of chocolate shop you imagine going to when choosing an edible gift. They even have chocolate bars and treats with Cork on the label as well as ones modeled after St. Ann's Shandon Bell tower and Goldie (the fish).

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    This place does the best hot chocolate out of any I have tasted in the UK or Ireland. I'm craving it right now in fact! They have an extensive hot chocolate menu that includes combinations of milk, white dark and praline. I always call in when I am back in Cork and hope it'll stay there for a VERY long time!

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    O'Connell's has got to be one of the best chocolates in the world. Better than Lindt, better than Green & Black, better than any Belgian. It's right up there with Amadei from Italy, shades it I think, and I'd really have to sit down at a blind tasting to choose from a chunk of my favourite 75% or a competitor.
    My only complaint: why is it available only in Cork? Luckily I have relations to keep me supplied, but when I recommended to the owner of a local fine food shop that he stock it, and gave him the contact details, he later told me none was available. I would so love to see this fabulous chocolate in every fine stockist. It really is a five star -- no, a six star -- treat.

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    €2 Americano. And a few "dots" of chocolate on the side. I like it here. The coffee is good and there's just enough life happening outside the window to help you daydream a wet afternoon away.

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    Not traditionally reknowned for its chocolate, Cork city has only recently discovered the superiority of handmade chocolate with the introduction of O'Connaills Irish Chocolate shop. Situated in a side-street off the far busier thoroughfares of Paul Street and Patrick Street, O'Connaills is a closely guarded secret among Corkonians. As well as a wide range of hand-made chocolate bars, they also do luxury chocolates with fruit, nut truffle and cream fillings which can be purchased individually or in combination boxes. They also do a mean block of tasty home-made fudge, from which they're happy to cut a section as large or small as you require, which is then (obviously!) sold by weight, at prices which are really relatively cheap for the quality of the product (their most common weight is 100g, which costs around €2.50). I also find it impossible to go in and grab a souvenir bar or bag of Cork chocolate (the ideal present for those away from home, or at home if you're away) without also indulging in one of their heavenly hot chocolates, made from fresh milk and their own chocolate - I haven't yet found a more pleasant way of warming up while walking around on a cold winter's day. Definitely an unmissable part of any trip to Cork.

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