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    A haven for dog-walkers, joggers and courting couples, Sandymount Strand is one of the most peaceful places within easy reach of the city.

    On the horizon are the lights of the Pigeon House and the industry of the Docklands and North Wall. To the south, along the bay, lies Dun Laoghaire. Nearby is the village of Sandymount.

    The ruined Sandymount Baths are still to be seen like a fort in the middle of the beach. There's also a Martello Tower (like the Joyce Tower) just off the beach, and indeed the Strand was the setting of several notable episodes in 'Ulysses'.

    A great place to take a peaceful walk in company or alone.

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    On a cold wet windy day with the waves splashing against the rocks and the seagulls shitting in your hair this place should be thoroughly miserable, but it's not. It should make you rue the day you were born or at the very least that thought as you left the house that one coat would be enough... but it doesn't.

    Instead, on an inclement day, this place is beautiful. You have a well laid down path to follow so that, rain though it may, you are not in the mud. True there is no shelter, but you don't go to the seaside (in rain or shine) for shelter do you?

    ...and yes, there is the occasional sunny day, and on those days it is lovely down on the strand, on those days parking is a bitch!

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    The sandy tidal flats of Sandymount strand are something which needs to be experienced by all.  During low tide, the water seems to completely drain away for miles and the only hint of the sea is the outline of little sailboats on the horizon.  So many people will walk endlessly to the horizon although I am content to watch from a little closer to the beach.

    I have enjoyed quite a few strolls and one unfortunate buggy push through the sandy flats (I recommend leaving the buggy at home or close to the road).  

    I bought a kite last year and really enjoyed taking it out here with my son for a flight. Although the novelty may have been lost on him after awhile, I certainly enjoyed it.  It can get very windy here though so I would recommend the stronger nylon or spinnaker kites and not the cheapo plastic ones.

    Sandymount strand is a good place to visit and is in close proximity to transport links.  I think it is a 10 minute walk from Sydney Parade or Sandymount DART stations.

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    If you're looking for a day out away from the buzz of the city but not too far to travel to, get on the dart to Sandymount and stroll along the strand.

    When I've had a busy day or I want a chance to walk around with a friend and have a good chat, I get the dart out and walk down to the strand and then follow the road back into the city. There are some nice views and some less nice views but overall it is a relaxing walk home.

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    sandymount strand is a nice place for a walk and a bit of peace.
    in the last few years its been revamped and it looks stunning at night time, with all the lights along the path in front of the water.
    i walk here all the time!

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