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    While I am talking about it, I want to tell you about Saint Stephens Green.
    It is a wonderful park in the middle of Dublin. Grand entrances and some regular little ones  as well.
    As you walk around or sit in the park ,you can think about all the wonderful and famous Writers and Poets that have done the same thing here as well.
    It is a wonderfully maintained park. A huge bed of water that twirls all around. With lots of wonderful huge Swans swimming about. As well as ducks and other Birds. The Swans are magnificent.
    I found several spots in Ireland where Swans were swimming about day and night.
    This is a Grand Park with lots of Green and trees and grass. They do not have the stuffy signs, that say,"Stay off the Grass" in fact they want people to enjoy the Grass.
    That is a nice change ,right!
    Lovely Bandstands and bridges and rock formations as well as great statues of many of Ireland historical figures. One thing about Ireland ,you never run out of interesting History.
    There are quite a few entrances to the park. It seemed quite safe, maybe just because, there were quite a few people walking about all the time. It closes at night, so no hanging about after dark thank you.

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    The first thing I saw when I walked in was a homeless person near one of the side exists using this place as a bathroom.

    The second thing was a woman covered in pigeons. She was feeding them. They were getting tangled in her hair there were so many on her body.

    I didn't stay much longer after that.

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    Great park to go and have a chat or even to relax for awhile to take some stress away. The park is very well looked after and has a great crowd walking around it i love to stand on the bridge and just relax its very calming. You get the odd homeless person here and there but sure that will happen in any park you go too plus there entitled to go relax there just as much as anyone else i suppose.

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    A park for the people!  I can't believe I haven't written a review for good 'ol St. Stephen's Green.  Take a stroll on the inside and out, and you'll find plenty of Irish history everywhere you look!

    For anyone new to Dublin, I suggest entering the park starting at Fusiliers' Arch.  A corner entrance adjacent to Grafton Street.  This is where the camera fun begins.  Other cool features of this park include:
    ~A statue of Lord Ardilaun (see my review :)
    ~The Famine Memorial statues & WolfeTone (outside corner)
    ~Water fountain with the Three Fates
    ~The duck pond with plenty of ducks and geese
    ~Iveagh House (outside, next to the Laus station)
    ~A garden for the blind with scented plants
    ~Portrait bust of Thomas Kettle and James Joyce
    ~A statue of Robert Emmet
    ~The O'Donovan Rossa memorial
    ~Fountains and flowers near the center
    ~Plenty of lush green grass everywhere
    ~A playground for kids
    ~Square buildings along the outside of the park with fancy colorful doors

    Personally, I love running along the outside to do a few laps.  If I feel the need to take a walk, I'll cruise along the different paths in the inside.  The locals may not appreciate this place as much, but I feel this definitely is an attraction out-of-towners can't miss.  FYI, the park usually opens around 7:30 am, and closes at dusk.  It's well gated, so be aware of what time it is or you might get locked in.

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    On the bank holiday, with the buses on strike, we decided to go for a stroll down to St. Stephen's Green. It had been a while since I'd gone there just to drink in the surroundings.

    One of my favourite memories of my college years was the year I did the Masters when, being based in Earlsfort Terrace, I had St Stephen's Green on my doorstep and many a lunchtime was spent lying down, head on my bag and enjoying an oasis in a bustling city (probably the most bustling city I'd ever known back then). That thought always brings a smile to my face.

    And so, with such hectic lives these days, we don't spent enough time enjoying places like Stephen's Green for what they are.

    The sun was trying to come out and though it wasn't shining down fully, the flowers looked resplendent, framed beatifully by the grass.

    Many people had the same idea as us that day and while it was busy there was still an air of calm and tranquility, despite the best efforts of the seagulls that were fighting over the bread being thrown into the water.

    I give St Steohens Green 5 stars because of that beauty and calmness and tranquility that pervades and justaposes nicely with the hustle and bustle of the cars and shoppers the other side of the trees.

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    St Stephens Green is one of the beautiful parks in Central Dublin.  There are trails winding through the park and beautifully manicured flower beds.  I frequently take guests to see this park and the old stone bridge over the beautiful swan filled lakes.

    The park also has a large playground for the kids although it can get quite crowded during nice days.  They keep this playground maintained quite well, perhaps due to the level of visitors.  I wish they would keep Merrion Square park as nice as try do this one.

    The park is very central and can be reached very easily from almost all of South Dublin.  It is at the base of Grafton street through a beautiful stone archway and the Luas green line starts here as well.

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    Beautiful Park!

    This is a great place to relax especially on a sunny day.  There are pathways to walk or run on, patches of grass to picnic on, and plenty of water full of non-fearing ducks.  It was a great place to sit and take a break from all the site seeing.

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    The Green has become a daily destination for my baby and myself. It's well maintained, charming, with a great playground.
    However, it is ruined by the people who frequent it! The pond is littered with bottles, bags etc... and the grass is covered in cigarette butts. There are bins all over the place but it seems too hard for some people to take the extra 5 steps and stop littering their own park.
    It's a shame, really, all I can do is wait for the day my daughter grows out of putting cigarette butts in her mouth.

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    Nice garden, great to relax and more or less in the city centre. Plenty of opportunities to sit and relax. I enjoyed here summer 2013, which might have been the greatest summer in the last 20 years, at least this is what all the people in Dublin told me. Also nice for tourists, if you want to make a picknick or just stroll around between greens and lakes.

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    With the warmer weather we've been experiencing, this is a great place to take a stroll. If you work in town, you couldn't be luckier to be able to grab a seat and enjoy your lunch while basking in the sun.

    Grab a coffee from Bewley's across the way, take a stroll and enjoy the beauty that St. Stephen's Green has to offer!

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    Absolutely beautiful park in the heart of the city. A must-see during any season as Dublin appears mild enough to stay beautiful throughout the year. Even in late November it was amazing, warm enough to sit down and just absorb the surroundings. I highly recommend venturing through for the tourists, and at least taking a lunch-time walk for the locals. If I lived in the area, I'd buy a dog just to have a reason to walk through the vegetation that thrives at this park.

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    This is a pleasant walk in the park.

    Grab a Butler's White mocha iced on a hot day or a hot mocha on a cold day and frolic, gallivant, people watch, whatever.

    There is a playground that has an age restriction which made me sad but it is also policed by Irish mothers who scoff at the notion of a non-toddler jumping into the play area so save yourself and follow the signs, willya?

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    Just a lovely spot to sit and soak Dublín in. Play área for kids. A pond, and walking distance to great areas and transport.

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    I am guessing this would be considered Dublin's Central Park, but that would be a US-centric, xenophobically inclined thing to say, wouldn't it? I mean why couldn't Central Park be the Big Apple's St. Stephen's Green? I'm sure a band of leprechauns with their magical shillelaghs and bowls of Lucky Charms are thinking that right now as I write this. Too much? OK. It's a pretty park, all 22 acres of it on an expansive Georgian square which had me picturing James Joyce and Oscar Wilde strolling on the pathways thinking of the next set of prose to write with their quills.

    The location is central to Dublin's tourist traffic as the heavily commercial Grafton Street pours right into the northwest entrance, and the sleekly efficient Green Line LUAS tram terminates here as well. Once inside the park, there are plenty of benches for a brief respite or enjoy the ducks waddling by (watching them, not eating them) and maybe listening to a busker with genuine talent. Hey, I liked "Once". Dublin is charming enough on its own. After all, it's the home of Guinness, but the park most certainly complements my memory of this greatly underrated city (see photos).

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    Small but beautiful park in just south of the main Dublin area. Worth seeing and walking through.

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    Gorgeous! You can spend hours walking and lounging in St. Stephen's Green. It reminds me of the Boston Common.

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    I can't count how many times I've chilled out in St. Stephen's Green during lunch or just when I needed to pass some time while waiting for friends to finish shopping. There's a really nice fountain in the middle of the park and plenty of grass areas for children to play on. If you're daring you could bring a football and have a kick around with some friends but the park official will probably come by and threaten to confiscate your ball. There's always good people watching here as well since it's the best short cut to get between Grafton St. and Leeson's St during the day light hours.

    They close up the park at night.

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    ROTD 24/5/2010

    Sunshine is making a rare appearance. I've time to kill and The Coronas on the iPod. I stretch out on a bench and watch the pigeons do their thing... 'til a guy from Mauritius strikes up a conversation despite being clearly immersed in my music.

    It feels like we're at a cheesy speed dating event and he's trying to get as much info before the buzzer sounds.

    "Where are you from?
    What do you do?
    Would you like to go to Mauritius? I live near the sea.
    What do you do in your free time?
    Do you have a big family?"

    He tells me he's a chef and proceeds to list all that he can cook:
    "For breakfast- bacon, eggs, mushrooms, toast..."

    I zone out and gaze longingly at people chatting to their friends. I'm astonished when I return to the conversation to hear that he's still reeling off his culinary skills:

    "...baked beans, sausages, pudding, roast chicken, chicken tikka masala, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, boiled potatoes..."

    I will my phone to ring.
    He goes in for the kill.

    "Maybe if you don't mind we can meet some time?"
    "I don't come to Dublin that often."
    "On my day off, I can visit you."
    "And I have a boyfriend as well."
    "I won't take up any more of your time."

    Note to self. Play the boyfriend card before being regaled with an entire menu. Or don't take out the earphones and stare at the pretty flowers and the cute waddling ducks...

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    You're in Dublin, its lunchtime and the sun is shining - walk by the lake, feed the ducks then sit on the grass and watch the world go by for a while.

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    No visit to Dublin would be complete without a stroll through St. Stephen's Green.

    If you need directions when in town, just simply ask a local how to get to "the green" and they'll be happy to accommodate.

    The park offers guests much to view like the small pond, flowerbeds, bridges and statues that make this already perfect park even better.

    St. Stephen's Green is just a great place to take beautiful shots of Dublin. So green, so lively, and so very perfect. I make it "a must" to visit this park every time I am in Dublin.

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    As a born Dub, there's nothing like St. Stephen's Green Park in the Summer and again, I thank you Guinness family for gifting us Irish with this wonderful amenity all those years ago.
         Whether you want to doze, snog, get stoned, play frisbee, knacker drink, study, people watch, eat, feed the ducks, play football, smoke crack or perv, this place is the mutts nuts.
         I love bringing the flair bartenders of Ireland down here in the summer for a practice session and class. Nobody slags you when you drop a bottle because they're all so relaxed and laid back.
           Top marks but if I could dock a star for the lack of Irish summer I would....but I won't cos thats unfair and pants

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    Probably my favorite park of all time. I was lucky enough to live about 2 blocks from St. Stephen's for 7 months. Beautiful for running, people watching, picnicking, drunken walks through the park. We walked through the park damn near every day. And let me tell you, I miss it just as often.  It was a great place to spend an afternoon or just cut through on your way to drink or shop.

    (closed at night though and I dont mean, oops we arent supposed to be in here, i mean locked up)

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    OMG, I am so excited that Ireland--ahem, the Republic-- is on Yelp now... If there was anywhere in the world I would like to be, it would be Stephen's Green. I can picture it almost as well as I can picture my hometown.

    Just imagine all of the people that wandered around Stephen's Green: Joyce, Wilde, Yeats, maybe Swift? So amazing.  If I just click my heels three times. . .

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    Great park right in the city centre. There's usually tons of people here, especially on a nice day. But its great for being central and a nice place to enjoy nice weather.

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    This park would be a fabulous gem for any city anywhere and we are very lucky to have it here in Dublin. Its fabulously maintained by the guys in the OPW too.

    The other day we spent our lunch sitting in the sun on this raised paved area (I must find out the name of this area) and watched a free runner practice - cool!

    Its not my favourite city centre park and can get extremely populated during the summer (and why wouldn't it), but its up there very high on my list.

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    I'm from Raheny in Dublin so of course my heart belongs to Saints Anne's Park (my house faces it) but I really do enjoy St. Stephen's Green in the city.

    Obviously the summer time is best, going to O'Brien's Sandwich and picking up some lunch before taking a stroll to the park and crashing out in the sunshine.  You really forget that you are in the city and the park is kept looking immaculate even though it gets so crowded.

    If you can, try and bring some bread for the ducks - there are plenty of them to feed.  I really wish the street entertainers from Grafton Street would set up shop in the park - as it is Grafton Street is impossible to walk down with everyone crowding around them.

    I think we could get some better photos to show the park off a little more, maybe next time I'm in the city :-)

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    Emerge from one of the busiest streets in Dublin, walk into these gates and your just transported into a scenic, idyllic paradise. You just feel calmer. The world just seems more peaceful.

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    Wish every major city had a park like this. Wish I could literally live in that one cottage on the corner of this place. So peaceful, no ridiculously-loud noises, yet plenty of people.

    During our honeymoon in Dublin, we enjoyed many a walk in this park, as well as coffee breaks and talks while sitting on the bench. Truly an awesome way to escape the busyness of the city and life overall.

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    One of my favourite things to do is to stop by Butler's at the top of Grafton St for hot chocolate (with cream) and go for a walk around Stephen's Green.
    Lovely open spaces and plenty of benches for a sit down.
    I love to watch the ducks and the swans on the lake.
    It's well maintained, but gets PACKED on those rare scorching days.
    Can be a bit of a scobie-haven too at times, which can be a pain and I've never seen anywhere like it for public make-out sessions. Get a room, lads!
    Can't fault it, apart from that, a beautiful park in the city, a lovely break from the traffic and bustle.

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    Ireland has a bit of a hate/hate relationship with public spaces. It's easy to see the negatives of Stephen's Green and not see how lucky Dublin is to have this oasis on edge of its busiest street.

    After wading through the chaos of Grafton Street, the chance to just sit and do nothing in the park is just too good to pass up.

    It's best feature is it's sheer size. Dublin has parks like a cat has lives, but most are quite small, so you don't really get to relax away from the traffic. Often the traffic is only feet away.

    At least you can escape in Stephen's Green, and gather yourself before re-joining the mobs.

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    Beautiful park.

    Got stung by a bee on my tit here.

    That pretty much takes over any other memory I have.

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    22 Acres of a haven within the City of Dublin. Hawkers and traders not allowed within these gates you can take an animal into the park provided it is only a dog and the dog is kept on a lead. Yes I read the by-laws of which there are many.

    There are a number of pieces of art some I like and some not so much, the 'famine' one I do not get at all.

    On a sunny day it is lovely just to sit and enjoy the day.

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    If I lived in Dublin, I would be walking my pug in St. Steven's Green for sure.  It's a great park - for kids, adults, and the whole family.  There are a few lakes/ponds and many areas with scenic landscaping.  And it's clean!!!

    Love it!

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    As far as parks go, Stephen's Green gets top score. Some might even consider it the heart of the south side.

    It's a really pretty square of green land with its small pond, flower beds, bridges, statues and different pathways. You can easily escape the noise of the city centre. That's why so many people come here on their lunch breaks or days off.

    You'll find people from all walks of life: kids ditching school, office workers, large groups of tourists, solitary wanderers, messers drinking cans and the guards making their rounds.

    There isn't much to do except take in the scenery. Doing nothing like sitting on a bench and taking an afternoon nap can be lots of fun though.

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    Beautiful place to enjoy a relaxing day in Dublin. Excellent place for a picnic or a nice walk.

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    Who doesn't love Stephens Green?

    Whether it's taking a stroll through during the winter, feeding the ducks in the Spring, sitting on the grass eating lunch during the summer, or simply oogling at some model in a bikini who's doing a photo shoot there every the day of the week, it's always enjoyable.

    I heart St Stephens Green.

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    Stephen's Green is one of the nicest places in Dublin, of course it's non-residential. Great for a stroll, feeding the ducks and swans or looking philosophical with a good book under a big tree.

    A point of information; the no ball games ruling is open to interpretation. As long as you pose no threat to the flower beds, ducks or the parky's lunchboxes they won't bother you.

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    The great thing about St Stephen's Green?
    It's gorgeous in summer and charming in winter.
    Luckily, this year, we saw the snow and right now the sun.
    The colours filtered through the trees and reflected by the ponds are a pleasure to the eyes.
    A bit of heaven in the middle of one of the busiest areas of Dublin.
    Ideal for a run, a stroll, or simply sitting down on a bench and leave your mind unwind for a while.

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    I love this place in the summer. I used to go here all the time with friends to have picnics and just relax all day, listen to music, people watch and enjoy the nice weather while it is there.

    I just wish there wasn't so many junkies all around it kinda kills the mood when they are on top of each other or begging for a cigarette from the group you are with.

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    This park is beautiful in all types of weather! I'd walk down here in the rain and watch the rain ripple on the water while the ducks and swans continued their business...... You can walk your dog in the park as long as you keep the puppy on a leash.  

    Great for a stroll after shopping on Grafton street, and a cool meeting place since it's not too far from Trinity College. I REALLY like the St. Stephen's Green Mall, with the Dunnes in it :) I even found my watch batteries at the Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair.

    The only thing to be aware of is that the park closes at 6pm (for those of us who like to get drunk this is probably a good thing to keep the park nice and tidy) .

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