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  • “You either leave the store after five seconds owing to the intimidation brought about as a result of the sizeable (and some may say too disorderly) assortment of stuff all packed together onto the racks or you're in there for hours (again on account of there being so much clutter to get through - seen as an endearing challenge for the more dedicated shopper).” in 6 reviews

  • “This shop contains rail upon rail of tightly hung clothes, vaguely divided into casual, formal etc.” in 5 reviews

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    Retail travel therapy at TK MAXX

    Yes you read it right TK NOT TJ MAXX!  That's right folks the discount retail store seems to have jumped the pond and is now over in Europe well at least Ireland!

    I'm not 100% certain that they are owned and operated by the same company but the all the branding was identical except for the one letter in the name!  So driving around I just had to stop and see if it was the same!  I park and walk in and much to my surprise it felt like home!  Except everyone around me had accents or was it that I had an accent and they sounded normal?

    Sooo I perused the different departments...shoes, handbags, clothes and house wares.  They did have a few things that were different but for the most part it was EXACTLY THE SAME as back home!  

    I course did not buy a lot because how the heck do you think I was going to get it home?  And mailing things from overseas home is NOT cheap!  Then there is trying to find a post office to even mail what you want, oh and a box, tape etc.  You get my drift!  Just NOT very convenient!

    My friend and I did buy a couple of jackets because the weather kept changing on us.  For the most part it was sunny but we would get a chill in the air.  So it was pretty cool to buy an actual winter jacket on sale since it was spring when we were there!  We got pretty good deals on the jackets and then I gave mine to my friend that lives in a colder climate than it ever get here in California once we were leaving and going back home.

    The prices seems comparable to the TJ MAXX at home and I really different see any difference!  Doing all my conversions in my head left me hungry and after we got our purchases we left to find FOOD!  

    I think it is a good place to get things if you are traveling in Ireland.  Not so much souvenirs but since the weather might change while you're traveling you could always shop here for a few things like a jacket or sweater!

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    Was looking for some work boots/shoes and nothing. Went to Blanchardstown TK Maxx and found double selection of shoes.

    It's nice to waste time in hear, if you have some to spend, but otherwise wouldn't come here, unless you know what excactly you are looking for.

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    TK Maxx is on the second floor of the St Stephens Shopping center.  It is ALWAYS crowded and its speciality is discounted name brand (and generics I think).  I have always found it quite hectic, especially around the holidays.  I am usually coming in with a buggy and just entering and leaving the store takes effort with all the hoards of people constantly flowing in and out.

    I bought a jacket here in the past and they do have rows and rows of jackets to choose from.  I tried to find kids clothes earlier and was looking at polo shirts as well, however when I went everything felt really picked over.  As in, not alot left that I really liked.  It could be that this is just how it is due to large crowds, or as another reviewer pointed out, maybe the things that are allocated to TK Maxx are the items which didn't sell on clearance at other stores.  Not too sure on that.

    They do have a decent housewares section on the right hand side of the store.  It is also really crowded, but worth a browse.

    Overall, TK Maxx is okay.  Try to visit during a less crowded time if you can.

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    If you know what you want then this place is brilliant.

    If you have no real agenda and are just being dragged around by the scruff by your wife then it can be a total nightmare! also, it gets very full and VERY warm.

    Here's my tip..... go early... like make it the first port of call on a days shopping, get it over with and move on to the less crowded places!

    ...this is of couse the opinion of a short, fat & balding 38yr old man, a 16yr old girl probably thinks it is heaven on earth at any time of day.

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    If I was forced to pick one store, and only one store that I was allowed to shop at for the rest of my life, I would absolutely pick TK Maxx. It's absolutely amazing. Sifting through racks and racks of clothes can occasionally leave you with you a pounding headache and empty handed, but other times you can be left with a real gem.

    My favorite sections to shop are kitchenware, throws and cushions, anything for the bathroom, candles, lotions and potions and shoes, shoes, shoes. Everything is affordable and for the most part what you'll find on the shelves are designer brands. What kills me every time are the shelves alongside the till, catching your eye and forcing you to make those impulsive last minute purchases.

    My steals and deals of this week; Jamie Oliver stoneware baking dishes pumpkin spice candles.

    Fun fact of the day straight from Martha Stewart: (this applies for jarred candles) When burning a candle for the first time, make sure that you burn the candle its entire circumference. When you do this, each time you burn your candle, as it burns down it will burn the entire width of the candle. If you don't allow the candle to burn the entire circumference the first time you're burning your candle and only burn half, your candle will only burn down and will never burn out in terms of width. Hope that makes sense!

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    Every day's a crapshoot in TK Maxx.  If you're feelin' lucky, go in and browse the sections.  You'll always find some kind of bargain.  

    My favourite sections are hair products (expensive TiGi stuff at half off) and ktichen gadgets (some stuff I never knew existed: a shakeable herb chopper - or something like that - thanks, Jamie Oliver!).  They often have stuff from Le Creuset marked down, which is great.  The clothing section is just too messy and too often damaged from customer mishandling - see Mary C's review - so I rarely venture in.  There are good deals to be had on games, gadgets, beauty products, accessories, picture frames, coats... well, everything, if you've got the patience.  I like to look at the "exotic" food products, too - sauces, oils, marinated peppers, handcrafted biscuits, you get the picture - but rarely spring for those.

    There are clearance sections in a few places, in which they stick the stuff that's too badly damaged to sell in good conscience for full reduced price.  Missing lids, 3/4 sets of dishes, dented sides, shattered pieces, nearly-empty lotions... I even saw a Sabatier knives-and-block set reduced to €50 which had the knife block in the box, but was missing all the knives.

    It can get really chaotic in there, so gird your loins and get ready for a tussle with the intrepid many.  I like the deals, but just wish the customers were kinder to each other and especially to the products.

    Also be warned that TK Maxx sits in some kind of mobile reception vortex and you won't be able to phone your friends from inside with deals or questions.

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    I am a HUGE fan of TK Maxx.

    I know it can be crazy, the clothes rails go on and on and on! But I normally skip the clothes and browse everything that's on a shelf. It's soooo much easier.

    My favourite products to browse:
    Hair products (Tigi especially)
    Kitchen ware
    Towels & linen

    So my advice would be to stick to the shelves.

    The staff are really helpful and very polite. Good training and it shows.

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    You know a fad is over when it's discounted at TK Maxx... but that *can* be a good thing.
    I'm here at least once a month to trawl the bedding area for a hidden 1k threadcount set marked down. This time around I had a paw over the jeans rack and found a pair of trousers that gave me a shiver of delight.
    Ed Hardy Ladies - marked down. Ah, at last - see ya, Christian Audigier!
    Other than that minor victory, I've always loved the racks and stacks in TK Maxx -it brings me back to younger bargain hunting days while carrying an excellent selection of name brands that are more hit than miss.
    Now if only they carried better shoes for women with size 7 feet...

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    TK Maxx, which is the European version of TJ Maxx (the letter difference gave me a bit of a chuckle. Why'd they do that!?) and it is even better than at home. That is because this TK Maxx is not only stuffed to the gills with cheap-as-dirt clothes, they also have a fantastic array of designer duds from the likes of Chloe, Alexander McQueen and Calvin Klein.

    The one major problem with places like these is the way the clothes are treated. Everything is jammed this way and that, lots of stuff has holes in it because of the mistreatment, and plenty of apparel is slung on top of racks or strewn about the floor. And the worst thing is how you become a part of the problem as soon as you start rummaging. There was a dress lying on the floor and I actually kicked it out of the way! I had no idea what came over me, and I quickly looked around to see if anyone saw me. Not that anyone would care, they were all too busy rummaging and kicking shit out of their own ways. :o(

    But I digress. They also have a shoe section that is decent but nothing spectacular. There are probably some diamonds in the rough, but I find that it's easier to jazz up a cheap top or skirt than it is to do so to cheap and ugly shoes.

    The house wares section is awesome though! They have some really nice pots and pans for rock bottom prices as well as home décor items, tools, toys and more.

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    My Ratings:
    Quantity: 4 - Great
    Quality: 4 - Great
    Price: 4 - Affordable
    Location: 4 - Nice
    Service: 4 - Good
    Speed: 4 - Good

    Overall: Great Selection, Great Price!

    My Opinion/Story:
    I like this store and enjoyed looking for items to buy.  I especially like this spot because it's inside a really nice mall.  I found lots of items I want to get for really affordable price but I can't get them all.  I did manage to get some designer bags for my family. I like shopping here.

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    Listed in On a budget?

    TK Maxx is mostly a place I go to buy gifts for people. I honestly don't give a crap about labels myself, but I'm aware that other people do. Aside from the label stuff, there's a nice selection of kids clothes, handbags, shoes and other gifty items. It gets crazy busy at Christmas time and has a bit of a giant warehousey feel. I personally get annoyed at rummaging, but if you love a rummage then this is the place for you!

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    I love TK Maxx, you can get some amazing clothes for a pittance. Equally, you can wind up with some genuinely criminal stuff. But if that happens it really is your own fault, because there's no staff members pressuring you for a sell. Or even giving you a hand for that matter.

    My only real gripe is with the shoe section. Although there is a wide selection of ridiculously colorful footwear, nothing, and I mean nothing, seems to fit me.

    Not cool, not cool at all.

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    TK Maxx is great for its home ware section as the stuff is cheap yet of good quality with some designer finds. It is also really good for children and baby ware as the section is small and well organised. If you are into designer bags, belts and shoes it is good too. But if you are looking for anything else then good luck to you cause as Laura says you really need to have the time and patience to rummage too all their stock and I can sometimes find the racks too full and messy even if they in theory are organised well.

    However, what it is fab for is unknown, specialist designer ware labels like Chili Pepper, Mudd, Nikita, Columbus and Diesel. If you can search these out you will leave very happy indeed!

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    First to Review

    If you have patience, enjoy a rummage, love a bargain or have a penchant for designer labels, then take a trip to TK Maxx and see what you can find.
    WIth homeware, clothing, shoes and general bits and bobs, its got a bit of everything. However, it is also a bit of a nightmare...if you're lucky, you'll think that all your Christmasses have come at once, but if you're not, you'll feel like you've entered a dark shopping hole, from which you will never emerge, never to find a single thing worth buying ever again.
    TK Maxx requires patience, stamina and a good sense of humour (since some of the stuff to be found is truly laughable in its hideousness!!). Be sure you're in the right mood, and you'll be grand. Don't go here for retail therapy...that comes after! But for all that, you gotta love it!!

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    I love visiting Dublin, but whenever I do I end up spending half my time in this TK Maxx!

    Unfortunately they're a bit tight on space and so everything is crammed in. They have a very small homewares department, and the clearance rails are a complete disaster.

    That said, the Irish seem to benefit from some different things to those of us in the UK, so it is worth having a look between pub stops if you're over there. I've managed to pick up quite a few bargains that I'd never seen in the UK. There are other TKMs in and around Dublin so if you're an avid fan (I can't be the only TK Maxxoholic can I?) then head out to some of those as they're much more spacious.

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    Went to today Tk max for shopping but I seen big brand but cheaper than another shop I wondering how its possible or it's real or fake but I didn't find the difference ; after all bought few T-shirt & a chino . Feel happy for good things with economic price.

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    Ok, get your game face on. If you're patient there are some serious bargains to be had in here. Bring a bottle of water with you, no lie, this place is waaay too warm. Some tips for you soldier!
    1. The cosmetic and toiletries section is unreal. You can pick up products from the Urban Retreat spa in Harrods, Australian brand Model Co and every type of perfume, some of which are discontinued elsewhere. I recently got the model co jet set for five euro, should have been thirty. Never EVER buy St.Tropez elsewhere, these guys have a seemingly never ending supply of cut price gift sets.

    2. The ladies shoes are unreal. Look out for the shipment of Lulu Guinness shoes!

    3.Lingerie is also very good here. Myla, wonderbra, fantasie, la perla - the works.

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    Not my favourite branch of T.K Max.
    As others have said it is very tight for space and it's best to visit when it opens in the morning.
    I have also found that I don't find the "special objects" that I used to come across 9/10 years ago. However it pays to persevere and i very much doubt you will end up leaving this shop without  something "in the bag" :-)

    If you are  a big T.K Max fan you should most certainly get out to Blanchardstown and visit their bigger and brighter branch there!

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    The reason why people come here is the prices.  It certainly isn't a nice shopping experience.  There are always loads of people in here, pawing madly through the racks and dropping stuff on the floor.  The store is always a mess, like the roof blew off in a storm.

    The folks in the fitting rooms are friendly, organized and in charge.  It is good when you need to try something on, they get you through the queue quickly, and yes, there is a queue for the fitting room.  Always.

    My better half likes to come here for the good deals on Fossil handbags.  I generally find something in mens' athletic gear and polo shirts.  However, you have to remember that everything in this shop was quite recently clearance merchandise at another retail shop.  Bottom line:  This is all the stuff they couldn't sell somewhere else.

    So, if you *need* a new performance-shirt for running, and don't care if it says Nike, Fila, or Hackett and has a giant Union Jack flag on the front, go for it.  This is a shop for the frugal, not the picky.

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    I love TK Maxx.  They have them in America and call them TJ Maxx, not sure why the discrepancy but it is the same place.  They have all of last seasons stock of pretty much everything from clothes to homewares and sell it at less than half the price it was selling for when it was in the high street shops.  I buy everything for my kitchen here as they have a good selection and the prices cannot be beat.

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    The phrase 'you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your princess outfit' couldn't be more applicable within this store. The endless racks of clothes possess no order whatsoever. The only systemization in place is that which sees the female clothes separated from the male, but that is it. Outside of this elemental help courtesy of TK Maxx sorting out the clothes according to gender, you're on your own. Trousers can be found on the same rack as Leinster rugby shirts, prom dresses beside cycling shorts, Ralph Lauren cotton blouses next to pencil skirts, Adidas shell suit jackets alongside leggings - this really is an erratic collection displaying all sorts of attire - and 'erratic' not just in reference to the way they are put on show but also in accordance with the means by which the shop tries to represent every subdivision of clothing possible. TK Maxx refuses to accept Women's casual and formal wear, Men's casual and formal wear, Children's casual and formal wear, accessories, shoes and cosmetics to be enough and hence strives to stock clothes with a more particular function.

    TK Maxx's collection of outdoor clothing is not one to be sneered at. Leave any prejudice at the door because this store's astonishingly good outdoor/ activity clothing collection will impress the most practiced of al fresco thrill seekers. Such renowned brands as O'Neills, Quicksilver, Karbon Hera and Trespass are stocked here in abundance. If you are planning on going skiing for example then I would highly recommend you venture here to pick up excellent quality gear for up to 45% off what you would pay in more expensive outlets such as Blacks.

    However, because there is no structure in place - no classification nor categorization, it can be exhausting having to sift through an array of stuff without any idea as to whether or not you'll find anything even close to what you're looking for. At these moments I really miss the more well-organized systems put into practice by most other stores - the type of layout from which you can mostly tell whether something takes your fancy by just merely taking a look around, no physical contact with no the clothes nor enforced rummaging required. It's easy to see the benefits of these less time-consuming as well as less intimidating layout.

    You either leave the store after five seconds owing to the intimidation brought about as a result of the sizeable (and some may say too disorderly) assortment of stuff all packed together onto the racks or you're in there for hours (again on account of there being so much clutter to get through - seen as an endearing challenge for the more dedicated shopper). The clutter can get on my nerves but when you unearth an absolute gem or something for outstanding value that is impossible to pass up all is forgiven, and it is at these special moments that you appreciate all of the unique (if not random) goods TK Maxx has to offer.

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    TK Maxx is based in the St Stephen's Green shopping centre and is full of designer clothes, household goods, shoes, bags etc at bargain prices.  Have a look through the rails of clothes and you might find that designer dress you seen a few years ago that you could not afford but now you can!

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    Due to the fact that this TK Maxx branch is confined within the St. Stephen's Green SC makes it a) a bit smaller than other outlets and b) due to this even more untidy and unkept than bigger TK Maxx'es. You'll still find the usual bargains, but when I'm specifically plannin to visit TK Maxx, I'm heading out to the big store in the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre.

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    This shop contains rail upon rail of tightly hung clothes, vaguely divided into casual, formal etc. The clothes are quite original, and you can find some really nice pieces, but you will have to search hard, as the sizes are quite random, and so are the colours and styles. The dresses are brilliant value, if you can find a size and shape that you like, and some branded items can be up to a quarter of the original price. I also find the sports accessories very cheap, compared to usual sports shops. A great shop, if you are willing to search for what you want.

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    TK Maxx is in St. Stephen's Green shopping centre and sells clothes, shoes, suitcases, bags, lingerie and some household items at reduced prices. You can get a bargain but you do have to be prepared to look through rails of clothes and generally do quite a lot of hunting. The designer clothes are usually in strange sizes and colors but the odd time a real gem can be found. The shop is limited in space and can feel quite crowded during peak hours but still probably worth a visit.

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    One of the staff told me that Tuesday mornings are the best time to go in as they get their latest stock out that day. If you are patient and search you will find some great bargains

  • 4.0 star rating

    You can get great finds in here but you absolutely have to be in the mood for it. It is generally very busy and the stock can be a bit all over the place. So discovering a bargain requires a lot of pushing, shoving, rooting and saying 'excuse me'! Having said that it can be worth the hassle. I got a gorgeous pair of DKNY trousers here once and I had them for years. They were my prized possession. A friend of mine bought a really funky pair of designer shoes here more recently and they were a steal at around €60.

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    This is your typical TK Maxx store, very big and packed full of clothes. I recently came in to grab a belt and they had only xtra small and xtra large sizes - kind of sums up the place. I would say not to come here expecting to find something but do check all the rails as there can be the occassional gem at a very good price. They sell all sorts of stuff, mainly clothes for both men and women, but they also sell quite random stuff (like some gadgets/games stuff like poker sets). The staff here are useless and some struggle to hold a conversation in English which I found infruriating!

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    i'm not a great fan of tk maxx. sure enought they have some lovely clothes...if you can find them amoung the rows and rows of rails packed to the brim. i suppose if you have the time to rummage around...you may just find something in here.

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