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    3 - 4 Bedford Row

    Temple Bar

    Dublin 2

    Temple Bar


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    • 1:00 PM - 9:30 PM


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    Located on a cobbled lane in the heart of Temple Bar, Our signature dishes include delicious, beautifully decorated sushi and sashimi, Teriyaki, Katsu Curry, Ramen, Tempura, Soups, Salads and many more... all homemade from the freshest ingredients by our highly experienced and award-winning Headchef. A warm and traditional Japanese décor, and welcoming staff wait for you in Temple Bar Dublin's best Japanese restaurant. Our restaurant is conveniently convenient for lunches and dinners. Choose between our set menus, bento boxes, and a la carte options. Accompany your meal with traditional Japanese drinks. We also offer Home and Office Deliveries! Get the Sushi Rolls, Sashimi, Combos, or the Japanese dishes you love delivered straight to your doorstep or office!

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    • Photo of Ronnie T.
      Ronnie T.
      Hyattsville, United States
      2 Jul 2023

      So, this was the first restaurant that I ate it while visiting Ireland!!! I was greeted by warm and upbeat customer service and seated promptly! I asked for recommendations on what is best to order, and I was suggested the Ramen!!! I ordered the tempura ramen & was knocked off my socks!

      This tempura ramen comes with crispy tempura fried shrimp, fresh vegetables, corn, seaweed wrap, and a sweet and savory base!!! Oh my my! I took my time slurping up this goodness! Every single last drop of soup! The ambiance of this location is very zen and it feels like you are in a ramen shop in Japan. The folks who run this establishment hit the nail on every end! Cheers to good eats!

      Tempura Ramen
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    • Photo of Sunny C.
      Sunny C.
      Aubrey, United States
      30 Jun 2019

      The sushi is very fresh and yummy. It definitely satisfied my sushi cravings! Very friendly service as well!

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    • Photo of Alicia L.
      Alicia L.
      Garden Grove, United States
      2 Jul 2016

      Ordered a sushi roll and it was way too small and too little food for the high price.

      The waiter recommended the california tempura roll to me with prawn tempura, eel, avocado, and eel sauce and it was a very small roll diameter wise. The prawn tempura was subpar and the roll tasted just alright-- not very impressive, yet quite expensive.

      Service was very good so that's a plus and I think I would go back to maybe try their bento box but I would say stay away from their sushi rolls-- not worth it!

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    • Photo of Gabriel H.
      Gabriel H.
      Pittsburg, United States
      20 Nov 2017

      Probably the most authentic Japanese restaurant in Dublin. A lot of Asian restaurants here are weird hybrid shops that serve stuff like Thai Green Curry along with Kung Pao Chicken, but this place only serves Japanese food and the staff is mostly Japanese.

      We came around 2:00 and they were still serving their lunch specials, which were incredibly affordable.

      I got the Tempura Sea Bass Bento (10.50 Euros) which was a bargain for lunch, considering that most meals in Ireland cost around 12-15 Euros on average. It came with rice and miso soup. The sea bass was flaky and fresh, and the batter was crispy but light. The bean sprouts were alright, if a little bland. I also enjoyed the fried tuna fritters.

      The Nagoya Tebasaki Chicken Wings (around 8 Euros) had a good flavor. They reminded me of the chicken wings that Yoshinoya used to sell. I do wish it was served a little hot.

      My friend got the 2 course meal for around 20 Euros, which included a fish croquette and Chicken Karaage. I loved the Chicken Karaage, which was juicy and marinated well, but super crispy on the outside. The fish croquette was boring.

      Water here is not complimentary; they charge 1 Euro for a bottle. If you're craving Japanese food in Dublin, come here.

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    • Photo of Mia Y.
      Mia Y.
      Chino, United States
      2 Jun 2017

      Food: 4/5
      Service: 4/5

      Came here for a quick lunch with my sister during our stay in Dublin. I *think* we ordered the Banyi sushi for 2. It's the one that includes the 4 piece spider roll, 4 piece dragon roll, and sashimi. We also ordered the chicken bento. The spider and dragon roll were delicious. We did order them without the wasabi mayo since I can't eat anything spicy. Thankfully, they were able to accommodate this for me. The chicken bento wasn't too special. My favorites has to be the sushi :)

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    • Photo of Adrian M.
      Adrian M.
      Los Angeles, United States
      30 Dec 2019

      Was in the mood for some sushi, was walking by and decided to pop in. The menu is overwhelming, my biggest take away is that their specialty is not sushi or sashimi. Most of the folks around us ordered bento boxes with lots of fried protein and that seems to be their thing. Giving them three stars because service was excellent, However the sushi was not of good quality.

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    • Photo of Cindy N.
      Cindy N.
      San Diego, United States
      6 Aug 2019

      I was craving ramen and stumbled across this charming little place. I was greeted promptly by very friendly staff. The food was very good. I enjoyed the gyoza and ramen. While slightly less flavorful than I'm accustomed to, I thoroughly enjoyed my food and had no complaints. I topped of my meal with the absolute BEST mochi I have ever had.
      If you are in Dublin and have a hankering for some ramen, I truly recommend this lovely restaurant.

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    • Photo of Ellen S.
      Ellen S.
      29 Apr 2016

      We were lucky enough to score a voucher for a 4 course menu including drink and coffee/tea for a mere 22 euro per person. Can it get better than that? Me thinks not. This particular menu would normally set you back 45 euro, which I believe is still good value looking at the quality of the food, the originality and the presentation. Maybe for a special occasion?

      We started off with a bowl of edamame and lovely house drinks (I had a very sweet verdejo frizzante) - The amuse bouche, a tempura tofu, was quite a large portion - but wasn't a big fan of the flavours to be honest, a bit bland, and awkward to eat with chopsticks. My starter of beef tataki was superb, succulent slices of meat served with a lovely sweet sauce. The star of the night was definitely the sushi platter. 9 pieces of uramaki, 2 nigiri and 2 sashimi. The presentation was as pretty as a picture, some flowers and dry ice. It looked magical...and tasted even better. For dessert I opted for an Asian style panna cotta served with raspberries and poppyseed icecream. WOW, I could have had another one of those!

      The restaurant is small enough, with a cozy downstairs part as well. We were seated at the window, and were quite cold, which was a pity and marking them down for this, as we asked if the heater could be turned up, but they just shrug it off. Other than that service was extremely polite and helpful.

      Banyi is a little bit more expensive than most Japanese places in Dublin but the few extra euro are definitely worth it in my eyes, and I shall be back to try their bento boxes and more of that sushi. mmmmm!

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    • Photo of Cole J.
      Cole J.
      Melbourne, Australia
      3 Aug 2016

      Yum yum yum! We stopped in the city for a quick lunch before our flight home and found this awesomely illustrated Japanese place - a welcome break from the pies, stews and burgers we'd been eating for a week!
      The bento boxes we ordered (pork and salmon) were delicious, filled with a range of sushi, tempura, meat, bean sprout and seaweed salad goodness. We were also given rice on the side and miso soup, and as someone who isn't a massive miso soup fan, I was pleasantly surprised!
      Also a special mention to the attentive and friendly service; the staff here were incredibly polite and always ensuring we were enjoying ourselves.
      Definitely hit up this place if you're in Dublin and want something less Irish - with €10.90 bentos for lunch, you really can't go wrong!

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    • Photo of Caroline G.
      13 Dec 2015

      I made reservation last night . Maybe because we're 30 minutes late we had a table downstairs which my friends didn't like a bit Coz the table we had is near to the toilet.

      We had the Christmas deals they have for 3 meal course . The starters were great but the ebi tempura is a bit over cooked that it's a bit hard to eat. The gyoza that my friends are having are the best. On the main course we had a pork ramen which I recommend the best. The desserts are also nice . And the home made ice creams are very good also. Overall we paid like 120€ for the 3 of us. For a full course meal for 3 people with a bottle of wine .

      Chocolate dessert with home made ice cream
      Pork ramen :)
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