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    • Photo of Claudia C.
      Claudia C.
      Houston, United States
      24 Jun 2023

      I read a review that stated, "I always come here when I visit Dublin," and now I understand why the food is amazing. Everything had a ton of flavor and was served to us fast and hot. We loved both dishes we got. Our server is as awesome and very accommodating and fast. I also loved the inside as it looked like an old train station. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a good dinner spot!!!

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    • Photo of Shaun O.
      Shaun O.
      Leander, United States
      16 Nov 2023

      Delicious food and great service. Loved every minute at Grand Central. Close to everything!

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    • Photo of Tammyware H.
      Tammyware H.
      Homewood, United States
      14 Jun 2023

      I come to Dublin 3 times a year, and no matter how many great places I have a chance to eat at, I always find myself back here! They know what they are doing!! Happy journey!

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    • Photo of John B.
      John B.
      Barrington, United States
      8 Jul 2022

      Food was good but the reason for the 3-star is because our food took nearly an hour to come out. The server/kitchen totally forgot about our order which I understand does happen especially when it gets busy.

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    • Photo of Michelle L.
      Michelle L.
      New York, United States
      22 Jun 2018

      Came here late night for a quick drink. Spacious with high ceilings, this place is nice in the bar area. I tried the Gunpowder Irish gin and tonic and loved it. My friend got a cocktail from the menu and hated it.

      They had TVs in the bar and a bathroom downstairs. Not bad to chill here for a bit.

      Gin and tonic
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    • Photo of Ritawa R.
      Ritawa R.
      Boston, United States
      7 Oct 2017

      Service is okay but food is very good. I recommend the Asian style fry or the steak. The French fries are not like other you find in Ireland. Those are just fast food fries you can find in the us grocery stores.
      Deserts are very good: the crumbly apple pie and the sticky orange cake are my favorites.

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    • Photo of Darren J.
      Darren J.
      Dublin 4, Co. Dublin
      7 Dec 2019

      Went in for. a quick bite to eat after some shopping. Busy venue but we managed to get a table. Good vibrant atmosphere with patrons of all ages. Service was quick and the bar menu had a good range of options at a reasonable price.

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    • Photo of Mike B.
      Mike B.
      Dayton, United States
      27 Dec 2018

      It's hard to be objective; however, I rated based on the three meals we had. Lamb, pork belly, and chicken. I was told the first two were great. My chicken tasted like it was cook days ago. It was very dry and bland. More like Jerky.

      If I based this experience soly on my meal it would have been 1 star.

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    • Photo of Gemma C.
      Gemma C.
      15 Feb 2016

      Everything here to eat for dinner is just too expensive. I got the goats cheese salad which was massive and made with lovely flavoursome cheese in filo pastry, but everything was just that bit too oily for a salad. It was massive though, so big an entire live rabbit could be hiding in there and you couldn't tell unless you started rummaging around looking for the grapes. The wines were not the May West either.

      On the plus side: The staff are absolutely delightful, very courteous and attentive. Also the venue itself is really striking. I'd probably venture in here for a few bevvys again, but I wouldn't be too quick ordering grub again.

      Don't let the photo fool you; this is maaaaaaaaaaaaaasive.
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    • Photo of Gavin S.
      Gavin S.
      Amherst, United States
      24 Jun 2015

      Let me preface what I'm about to say with the following facts: I love apples, I grew up by an apple orchard, and my standards for any apple-based product is incredibly high because of those first two facts.

      The Grand Central has the best apple pie I have ever had in my life. Hands down, bar none, the best. It hurts my soul knowing it took me 28 years to find it and it hurts even more knowing that it is thousands of miles away from where I live.

      That being said, the food and service here were both well above average and only very slightly more expensive than surrounding fare.

      Well worth a visit, the apple pie will continue to haunt my dreams.

      The best apple pie you'll ever have.
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