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    • Photo of David E.
      David E.
      Stamford, United States
      30 Jun 2023

      Tigh Neachtain deserves every bit of its five-star rating as it embodies authenticity in the most remarkable way. From the moment you step into this cozy establishment, you are transported to a world steeped in tradition and charm.

      The atmosphere at Tigh Neachtain exudes a genuine sense of Irish heritage, with its rustic decor, warm wooden furnishings, and walls adorned with vintage memorabilia. It feels like stepping into a time capsule where the essence of Irish culture and history is beautifully preserved.

      The authenticity extends beyond the ambiance to the heart of Tigh Neachtain--its offerings. The bar proudly serves a wide selection of traditional Irish drinks, including an impressive assortment of whiskies, stouts, and ales. Each sip tells a story, taking you on a journey through the rich tapestry of Irish beverage heritage.

      But it's not just the libations that capture the spirit of Ireland; the menu at Tigh Neachtain showcases the flavors of the land as well. From hearty stews to savory pies, every dish is crafted with care and culinary expertise. The use of locally sourced ingredients further enhances the authenticity, creating a truly immersive dining experience.

      What truly sets Tigh Neachtain apart is the warm and welcoming staff who embody Irish hospitality at its finest. They greet you with genuine smiles and are eager to share their knowledge and passion for the establishment. Their friendliness and attentiveness add an extra layer of charm, making every visit to Tigh Neachtain feel like a reunion with old friends.

      Whether you're a local seeking a familiar haunt or a visitor yearning to embrace the true spirit of Ireland, Tigh Neachtain is an absolute must-visit. Its authenticity shines through in every aspect, creating an unforgettable experience that will leave you with cherished memories of genuine Irish hospitality.

    • Photo of John H.
      John H.
      Boston, United States
      13 May 2023

      Really solid bar food for lunch. If you can grab a table during a sunny day, you'll be able to eat and drink right in the middle of the action. With street performers playing music on the street, you even get live music to go along with your meal.

      I didn't have high expectations for pub food but the lamb burger and BLT were excellent. Lamb burger was very juicy and worked well with the thick bread. Bacon lovers will enjoy the thick slices of bacon on the BLT.

      Service was pretty good for a busy day as well. Wouldn't recommend for a very large group or kids though because it is a bit tight between the tables.

      Lamb Burger
    • Photo of Evelyn M.
      Evelyn M.
      Kansas City, United States
      17 Apr 2023

      Very very busy! No seating available on the covered or non covered patio so we found a nook inside and shared some delicious food!

      The bacon was very flavorful and the fried polenta on the veggie platter was great!

      The salad was exactly what I needed - vibrant greens, tomatoes and a light dressing.

      Enjoyed drinks as the rain started and poured for about an hour so we had lucky timing as well.

    • Photo of Rick S.
      Rick S.
      Scottsdale, United States
      10 Sept 2023

      Our family toured most of Southern Ireland over the course of 10 days, and of all the great pubs, this was one was tops! By an incredible stroke of luck, we managed to secure one of the "snugs" and were able to hang for a couple of pints. The character of this place is unsurpassed, and the patrons there were as friendly as they were entertaining. If you're a tourist, grab at least grab 1 pint in this place as it will round out your Irish experience. Just don't order a Murphy's!

      Snug in the snug
      Got Guinness?
    • Photo of Calista R.
      Calista R.
      Austin, United States
      9 Sept 2023

      Great selection of drinks and great food. Wonderful place to just sit and eat while enjoying the sights.

    • Photo of Robyn M.
      Robyn M.
      Charlotte, United States
      19 Oct 2022

      Our first pub of the night did not disappoint! Everywhere was pretty crowded so we just chose a pub and dove in. Ordering our respective Guinness' after being personally guided to the bartender by a very welcoming and energetic group on a guys trip from Dublin. It was a great atmosphere, even with being so crowded. Never once was anyone rude for being smooshed. Great experience and made some wonderful friends for our time in Galway!

    • Photo of Jamie W.
      Jamie W.
      Hilton Head Island, United States
      1 Mar 2022

      If you are looking for an amazing Bar in County Galway IrelandI highly recommend Tigh Neachtain Upon entering I was made feel very Welcome. Amazing Customer Service, Very Clean and Amazing Atmosphere. . As stated in the above I was made feel very Welcome. It should be noted I served all the World with the U.S.Marines and lived in the United States of America for over thirty years. I definitely know a great bar from my travels and life experiences . I definitely will visit this amazing bar in the near future again. Tigh Neachtain rates Five Stars and more! you definitely won't be disappointed.

    • Photo of Kristen H.
      Kristen H.
      Rochester, United States
      21 Jul 2019

      Please stop if you are in Galway! We planned to sit outside as they have prime people watching outdoor seating but as the weather looked blustery we moved indoors and were delighted with the ambiance inside ... the food was delicious, the service SO friendly and the soulwater bulletproof ipa was the tastiest we've had in Ireland!

      We tried the seafood chowder, fennel soup, the lovely things platter, Parmesan polenta fries and tomato bruschetta ... all scrumptious!

    • Photo of Dawn F.
      Dawn F.
      Pasadena, United States
      13 Sept 2018

      This was my favorite pub atmosphere in Ireland, the interior was so quaint and they had the fireplace roaring on an early afternoon in September, absolutely loved the interior. The seafood chowder here is the best I've tried anywhere, definitely rivals the light but hearty chowders in Maine on the East Coast of the United States. The chowders in Ireland are packed with pieces of fresh seafood, but they have the light and flavorful broth nailed down at this spot! Wished we could have stayed longer to try more items on the menu. A visit at lunchtime during the day may help to avoid the crowds, because at night this place like so many pubs is jam packed and people overflow to the outside.

    • Photo of Steven M.
      Steven M.
      Penn State Erie (Behrend), United States
      23 Apr 2022

      One of the best pubs I've been to on this island. The snugs are adorable and the bar men were so nice. A ton of beer options compared to most places and such a cozy vibe. I'd absolutely recommend stopping here. There's also a ton of outdoor seating for the warmer months.

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